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astoria, OR, US

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, knitting, quilting, sewing

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Member Since: 12/18/2008

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Re: How to Create a Balanced Dart

Oops! Pardon my misspelling of your name Louise!

Re: How to Create a Balanced Dart

Seems clear enough to me. Although I think it must be stressed to take care to always use a pressing cloth and/or press the wrong side only on a garment such as help delay the wear and show-through that is bound to happen over time no matter what you do. Even so, this is a definite improvement over an unbalanced dart to help prolong the inevitable outline that will eventually reveal itself. Thanks for the creative option Lousie!

P.s., maybe folks should try this method on scrap material and play around with it a bit. I think once you get into the process, it will become clear as to what needs to happen.

Re: Meet the Fabrics of the Future

I had not heard of these progressive 'inventions'...amazing! Thank you for sharing this Sarah.

Re: And Old Buttons!

Jayne,! Your work is quite simply the most fabulous I've ever seen. Your artistic interpretation is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

(I am sorry to hear about Japanese companies 'stealing' your original creative is disappointing, and for me, reduces my respect for them. Now, some will say art cannot be copyrighted, but what about integrity and what you know in your heart is right?)

I hope you will venture to share future work with silver—but I would certainly understand if you have reservations in doing so.

Re: Shaped Twisted Bias Insertions

Correction, 1st paragraph, 1st sentence: "159" should be "158". ;o)

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroidery Companion: Classic Designs for Modern Living" by Alicia Paulson

Dear April, What a generous gesture you've made! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of what looks to be a truly inspiring embroidery book with a modern twist! One of my earliest encounters with embroidery is a pair of pillowcases that were handed down from my grandmother to her youngest of thirteen children, my Mom. These pillowcases were embroidered with a vine of morning glories, a design of my grandmother's own. So at a primal level, the designs depicted in this book appeal to me. I purely love the various old-world Chinese and Japanese embroidery confections, but when I need grounding, I return to this 'Americana' embroidery style for meditative and comforting handwork. Thanks also must to to Alicia for endeavoring to create such a heart-warming book to feast upon. I'm crossing my fingers and toes in Astoria...

Re: How to find the correct sleeve length

Just what we needed, but didn't know it! A brilliant tip and sparkingly clear demonstration. We can always count on you to provide us with much needed information with an intuitive explanation. Thank you, Louise!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroidered Textiles" by Sheila Paine

My favorite embroidery has a vintage appeal. So many 'old' techniques and color schemes capture my interest and make me dream about how I can incorporate the look into my next project. I like the way embroidery truly sets whatever it is applied to apart as unique. For me embroidery has emotional connections because it has always been a part of my life, first with watching and using things my Mother embroidered, and lately as a way to 'connect' with her while I'm working on a project.

I hope this entry still qualifies...I read in my current issue of Threads that the deadline is today, Monday, January 24 at midnight. But I see here online that it was yesterday. Oh, I can only hope and keep my fingers and toes crosses. "o)

Re: Trimming Tricks

Thanks Mary! A review of these simple but such necessary little tasks is just the ticket for everyone. And the addition of your subtly different techniques is so helpful. I'm so glad to be able to still learn from you -- I know you've retired, but please don't stop feeding us these little pearls of sewing wisdom!

As for mjbains' comment: We're not all at the same milepost along the sewing road. There are many reasons for a review of what we all have learned. As for myself, it jogs me to remember to pass along to my newbie sewing friends the things that I take for granted! We need to encourage the next generation to join the sewing party, and these 'mini lessons' help them to produce professional results earlier on.

Re: Simply a Winner

This is jaw-dropping gorgeous! This is truly a work of art from the heart. I want to see more of it in close-up detail. Have you blogged about it? Thank you for sharing this with us. Lucky daughter to get to wear this. Does she share your love for sewing? Simplicity should see this, it would surely make a great advert for them...

Re: Designer Alexander McQueen 1969 - 2010

I, too, so enjoyed and was truly inspired by his collections. He embodied my wild child heart and was a genuine outlet for the youthful soul within me. I'll bet they're welcoming him with a rain of gems and feathers. Can't wait to see how he blooms amongst all the greats that have gone before him! RIP Dear Alexander.

Re: Machine Quilt a Supple and Stylish Garment

I'm late to the party again...This is so cool Mary, its so nice for you to share your method with us. One benefit of catching this article much 'after the fact' is that I'll bet the follow-up article is already posted! :^)

I love asian clothing, especially Japanese and Chinese, and this makes me think of the thicker Japanese kimono worn in wintertime. I'm wondering if this is similar to the way those would have been made. They did use wool fabric, and I don't know what was used for the 'filler' for loft and insulation.

Hmmmn, Another item for my want-to-make-sometime list. Thank you for posting this intriguing application! Its such a great inspiration.

Re: Scintillating - An amalgamation of past and present

Now, this is just lovely. Exquisite hem--does the metal content help to achieve that fabulous "wave" effect? Your work is simply fabulous.

Not that you'd wear this particular garment on an airplane, but would this fabric set off the metal detectors?

Re: Scandalous 1920 French Evening Frock

Très chic! This is just yummy. I can see why you planned the dress around that lace...its ooh la la lovely. kl, astoria, oregon

Re: Hands-On With Kleibacker: Lessons for Working with a Bias

I agree that this is a lovely way to pay tribute to such an innovative and vital person in the fashion industry. I'm so happy to read (in part) how he achieved such wonderfully crafted garments. (Side note to Vicky: there are still a handful of typos in the article after editing, but I could still understand what was intended. If you need copy editing help, I'd love the job! Just let me know! Seriously! :o) )

Re: How to Sculpt a Row of Faux Bows

What an innovative trim! Anna, you're just marvelous for thinking this one up and sharing it--your presentation is clear and easy to comprehend. And thanks also to beckyc4u and rita61 for sharing their super ideas for application and tiny cord construction.

Re: Take a Buttonhole a Long Way

Hey Ms Neukam, Wanna fix?? This Would be very helpful!

Re: Mark a Dart and Learn a No-Tie Finish

Man, is this going to speed things up (and make it much more fun) when sewing darts! Thanks, Judy

Re: Fitting Tips from the Pros

What the .....? I'm not an experienced seamstress, but common sense tells me that this bodice adjustment is just plain sloppy. Louise needs to add a little more explanation as to how she came up with this one! Like it may be okay to use this method if you're only adding as much as one inch. Even that much is enough to throw things wonky. Or maybe this method is only good to use on VLF garments. Or...? Like Number 5 says in the movie Short Circuit, "Need More Input!!!"

Re: The Bra Dilemma Solved

Thank you Cynthia. I've been looking at bra patterns--in fact yours--to get myself started making my own bras. This article is fantastic! Its so nice of you to share.

Re: Draft a Two-Piece Collar with a Stand

Is it just me, or all of these photographs out of focus? I'm surprised because I always expect and see superior illustrations/photography with Threads and Threads Contributor articles (whether they're online or in the magazine hardcopy). I wish I could read the photos' information better!

Re: Vogue 8552 Linen dress

This is so lovely! Linen has got to be one the most gratifying textiles to work with. Your close-ups are great--wish there was another close-up of the zipper's RS to better show your handpicking (even though its 'barely visible'). Thanks for your explanation about underlining and its benefit for use with linen. I appreciate you sharing this with us.

Re: Meet Designer Brook DeLorme

I agree with the majority of reactions to Brook's creations.
I'm surprised that Threads has chosen to showcase work such as this. And I am not pleased that via my subscription, I've had to pay to see it! Anyone can produce "clothing" such as this, without the need for skills other than being able to thread a needle. I adore wearable art, but this is simply thoughtless and unfinished. "...each garment seems to take on a life of its own.", indeed! Right on, Jennifer. Considering "bensoni's" comment, if Brook has evolved into things more palatable, we should have been shown that instead of a beginner's efforts,

To stereoette, EVERYONE's comments have a proper place here. That's what these forums are for! Although, it seems you're not condemning that fact as much as they don't agree with you. We're all entitled to our opinions, and be that as it may, Brook must hear ALL reviews of her work; the positive AND critical. That's why she's gone public with her work.

I hope Threads editors read these discussions. They need to know that the majority of their subscribers DO NOT consider this kind of work inspiring. I realize you have to test the waters to remain vital, so please hear us: We don't like paying to see this kind of "workmanship." We seek knowledge in how to IMPROVE and EXPAND our skills. Please editors, do just that--EDIT!

Thanks, editors, for listening to us!

Re: Video: Two Custom Trims for Your Garments or Home

So simple, yet so stylish. I love Linda Lee! Thanks, Threads, for this video!

Re: Video: A Neckline Binding for Knits

Thank you Sarah and David for posting this wonderful video. This one is especially good for me, who has a "fear of knits". This video is so clearly illustrative--I have boosted confidence now!