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Gravenhurst, ON, CA

craft interests: gifts, quilting, restyle, sewing

Birthday: 11/18/1942

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Re: Add Your Input to the Sewing Group and Gathering List

You missed the CreativFestival in Toronto, Canada on Oct. 22, 23, 24. It's HUGE. You have a lot of readers in Canada and I'm sure this event should be mentioned.

Re: Get Biased

The ladies in my sewing class loved the idea of 2 squares. Each one made at least one top. We figured out the proportions by using the Pythagorian theorem. In other words, By calculating the diagonal of the small square to equal 1/2 of the hip, it gave us the measurement for the small square. We then simply doubled that measurement to get the larger square. By playing around with the sizing and type of fabric, we got some very different looks. All the ladies are really happy with the outcome and most are working on top #2 or #3. The neckline is so easy to use as a way to make the tops a little different. We've used a v-neck style, a boat neck, a keyhole, added a facing, and a bound edge. Any more designs like this?

Re: In Search of a Threads Back Cover

The back page is the first thing I look for when my magazine arrives. I wait for it with great anticipation. Figuring out how "they" did it is what really inspires me. I've been getting Threads in my mail box for more years than I can count on four hands. I love the articles that challenge me - I've been sewing for about 65 years and finally count myself as being more or less in the expert category. Even the articles for more beginning sewists often give me a new and more contemporary way to do things. Great magazine!