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Re: Book Review: The Lost Art of Dress

Thanks for this, Stephani! Definitely a book to look for at the library (thrift, anyone? ;) )
I had 1970's grade HomeEc - that is to say, minimal - but my Mom and Gramma modeled (and taught!) us the lessons of farm-wife-life, the Depression, and WWII rationing - including how to sew, starting on G's treadle machine that I still use.

Re: Tip: Make Your Own Silicone Tape

This is great, Jodi - thanks for sharing!

My mom had suit skirts (from the 40's and 50's) with a band of what looked like knit rubberbands on the inside of the waistband, to keep your blouse tucked in. Some of my dad's slacks had this same feature.
"Silicone tape" will serve the same purpose, beautifully.

Re: SewGreen Helps Youth Build Skills and Success

This wonderful, Stephani!
I only wish they were *much* closer (I'm in suburban Chicago, and have probably a ton - truly - of fabric to divest. Not going to use it, despite my best intentions. I can't store it or haul it around anymore...)
If anyone knows of a similar organization in Chicagoland, please mention it here... whenever you see this!

Re: Video Quick Tip: Waistband Adjustment for Ready-to-Wear Pants

Back when I was "just a little bit" pregnant, and afterward anytime I had a bit of "pooch", I pinned or stitched a maternity panel from side-seam to side-seam, either inside or outside the pants to keep the sides of the front-fly under control. This would require you to leave shirts untucked, obviously, but may make favorite pants usable in a pinch.

Re: Kenneth D. King's Kilim Carpet Coat: The Big Finish

Beautiful, Kenneth! Thank you sharing your how-to's, and for your meticulous documentation :)
Happy (and warm) New Year!

To the reader who's concerned about the potential cost: make friends with people at your local resale shops! They may see too-well-worn-to-sell-as-a-carpet carpets that you can pick up for a (relative) song. Since it's pieced anyway, the fabric doesn't have to *start out* looking like perfect yard-goods...
Happy hunting!

Re: Video: How to Sew and Press Tucks

I'm completely at sea about how to determine the distance between basting lines... one sentence (at 0:22 to 0:45) that doesn't make sense. What do you measure and how do you add them up?

Re: How to Re-create a Vintage Modernist Bag

Hah! You were clearly typing at the same time I was, and you Won!
I completely respect your answer about the pattern and intellectual property! Thank you.
Thanks also for the size reference - that will be a big help in re-creating this. :) K

Re: How to Re-create a Vintage Modernist Bag

Dear Kenneth ~
This is a *very* intriguing bag! I too would appreciate at some straight-down photos (or a reproducible pattern!) of the pieces. (Not to mention a follow-up on your reproduction project :) )
Also, since it's probably far more valuable than you first thought, may I urge you to get a professional restoration of the leather? ~ I know of a fellow in Minneapolis who does a-Mazing work for people whose "leather" is vital to their self-identity.

Happy August to you! Kharmin

Re: Pants that finally fit

@JDNow - I'm happy that you figured it out! Those are cute.

Could you add a comment here with the permalink to the specific blog post(s) where you discuss these pants? It's now been over a year, and I can't locate your "backstory"! Thanks!

Re: Win a One-Year Threads Insider Membership!

I devour every issue of Threads the instant it comes in the house! Having *more* information and how-tos (and even more important: the WHY-tos) available, over and over, would be amazing.

Re: The Fortuny Jacket: Finessing the Facing

I love learning something new that I can apply to several different situations.
Thank you, Kenneth, for continually stretching both your imagination and ours; and thank YOU, Couture_Academic, for making a clear connection between Sewing and the-Rest-of-Everything!
So true, that most "rules" start as just somebody's preferred method.

Another one looking forward to more photos!

Re: Book Giveaway: "Improv Sewing"

There are days when my creative juices just need a jump-start ~ this looks like a fabulous tool-kit-addition!

Re: A Quick Fix for a Baggy Blue Coat

Kenneth ~
What a great "I'd've never thought of that!" fix.

True, it would only work for certain styles and certain tastes, but no "fix" for any problem is Universal. A terrific option to have available ~ Thank you!

Re: How to Make a Floating Shoulder Pad

It looks to me like the green in photo #5 is the WS of the Shirt, and the white is the WS (bottom) of the pad.

The work has been turned over in #6.

With the facing added, you'd have a RS-up stack of -from the bottom up- Pad; Shirt (hidden); and Facing (light green).
Stitch as usual. Yes, SueatMagnolia: trim the excess pad extension; snip curves where needed; and turn the Facing to the inside of the Shirt.

Furballs ~ That'd give you the Shirt-Pad-Facing sandwich, and a clean edge. If you sew the Pad in between, you'd end up with the Pad on the bottom.

Re: Making a Side Seam Read True

Thank you, Kenneth! "Brilliant and logical."

Re: Making a Side Seam Read True

@cloff - Precisely: "needs more room in both the tummy and the bum".
This article is about "How to get that". The *principle* behind making the changes, whether you're currently working with a "pattern", a "muslin" or a finished garment that doesn't hang right.
You're right, the earlier in the process this problem is addressed, the easier it is to deal with... but it's likely not noticeable until some sewing is done.

Re: How to Dye Fabric after Devore

Thank you Holly, for a *complete* step-by-step on this process!
I often feel like small (but important) steps have been left out of directions here, but this one feels like even a complete novice really can do it!

Re: Dressing Gown made from old silk shirts

That's beautiful, Cathy - and What a lot of work! I've only sewn silk charmeuse a few times, and used far too much bad language to ever consider a piecework like this.
good luck in the Contest!

Re: Re-use Dress and Bolero

Congratulations, izodiea!
This post was featured on the threads website today :) June 12, 2012!

Re: Turn Your Special Textiles into Something Special to Wear

@ Mary ~ This is a lovely "up-cycled" project, which will as you said, keep the work in view and in use! Thank you for sharing, and for the tips.
@ CherylTebo ~ You could concede to the "laundered linen look" and simply *not* iron it. Use sew-in interfacing where needed, and after a couple of washings, the fabric will soften considerably, and be lovely in the right style of garment.

Re: An Exquisite Beaded Embroidery Sleeve

Thank you sooooo much for the incredibly detailed photos, Kenneth, especially of the back of this treasure! That's *almost* as good as having the piece in hand, and as close as we'll probably ever get!

Happy Spring, all!

Re: Slot Buttonholes

(hooray! that's exactly what I wanted it to look like.)

@denise - you really can't *add* this to a finished garment - it has to be done during the the design/cut phase, because of the extra seam allowances needed for each buttonhole-in-a-seam.

Louise (or Vicki) ~ I agree with MeSewPretty - could a close-up photo of a finished slot-buttonhole be added? Ideally with hand-finishing? Thanks!

Re: Slot Buttonholes

@denise ~
In this example, the buttonhole is sewn in BOTH the front and the facing - your stitching simply skips over the two matching slots. I hope this shows what I meant it to ~

---| buttonhole |-----C|F-----| buttonhole |-----

Re: New Sewing Show, "It's Sew Easy," Starts June 30 on PBS

Very exciting news!

I too hope at least one of the 4(!) PBS stations I get carries this - I don't even get 'quilting overdose' - we seem to have mostly 'all about cooking', here (Chicago and NW Indiana).

Re: School's On for Summer!

Here's the website:
they don't give specifics there, either, for the particular classes mentioned.

there are several other classes happening this summer, near Orlando, and in Texas. Louise is based in Winter Park FL.

@judithann ~ You certainly do deserve some tuition money for you :) - have a great summer!

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

@ doglove and PointPatou ~

I don't know if there's any way -from here- to exchange emails, but ... if you both join the "Gatherings" forum, (see the button at the top), use the same (or very similar) screen names when you register, and enable Private Messages from Members, you can do it there.

There have also been some extensive discussions about dress forms, over the years!

"Fitting lines" can be drawn on with a marker, before you cut the form off your body.

Have fun - let us know how it goes!

Re: Video: Make a Jacket, Part 1

Hi Vicky!
Hey, how about adding a live link to "Make a Jacket - Part 2" on this page, now that it's also available?

Thanks! Kharmin

Re: 3 Neat Edge Finishes for the Sleeveless Styles of Summer

Dear KathleenSews ~
Thanks for the nursing pattern sites! These tops or dresses will make a great "New Baby' gift for my daughter! Baby Ginnie was just born last Thursday!

And since they live in Florida, the light-weigt finishes will be very useful, too ~

Bright Blessings, all! Kharmin

Re: Here's another princess dress for my daughter

Oh, she's adorable! And the dress is delightful, too -
I'll bet this is one she 'wears out' before she outgrows it!

Re: Help us Choose the Next Cover of Threads Magazine

Good Morning, Deana!
I like no. 1, because it's 'not like the others'. Seems like there's usually a model on the cover of most magazines on the rack, you've got a different focus, that's apparent when you feature the results, not the wearer.

Yep, I took the survey!

Bright Blessings! Kharmin

Re: Help us Choose the Next Threads Cover

PS - I did take the survey, too!

Re: Help us Choose the Next Threads Cover

Hi Deana! I prefer cover and headline A - the bright "Threads" and contrasting "a" are signature cover features, and 'active voice' is always better for headlines.

Still waiting anxiously for my store to get it in, though...


Re: Stick a feather in your cap

What trippy designs ~ perfecly complimented by his gloves!

Here's Mr. Koch's website - posted in the "gloves patterns" column here:

Re: Silk 1882 ballgown

This is Exquisite! What a beautiful project.

And ~ thank you for coming back to answer questions. Here's another one ~
I don't recognize the term "book lined pleating" - How does one do that? TIA

Re: Txnsewlady

How fun! What a delightful blend of quilting and garment sewing skills. And "green", to boot!

Bright Blessings! Kharmin

Re: Wedding/Ball Gown

@ USMarinesGirl ~ Beautiful! Brava!

@ Clarasita ~ Thank *you* for all your sharing of insights and encouragements! I really look forward to your comments, no matter the topic!

Bright Blessings ~ Kharmin

Re: High Glam in Turquoise and Fuschia

What a fantastic reminder that all those fabulous stage and screen costumes are designed and sewn(!) by people 'just like us'.
Thank you for sharing. I love the colors, and appreciate the encouragement to go outrageous!


Re: Machine Quilt a Supple and Stylish Garment

I totally agree ~ What pattern, please, Mary?? The shaping is beautiful, and not easy to find... It *looks like* at least the back princess seams are flat-felled, but also agree that a couple more sentences about finishing would be helpful.

Re: Spider Queen

You go, Grrl! This looks like it was fun to make AND fun to wear! And, I didn't even notice your glasses until you mentioned 'em -
Can't wait to see what you do for next year - Ascot, eh?

Re: Mrs. Reaper goes to Ascot

Alisa ~ That is FAB-YU-LUSS!
Thanks for sharing your reasoning behind it, too. Well done, all the way around ~

Re: Yellow Linen Dress

Brilliant on-the-fly solution, and very well done!
Using the bridesmaid's dress fabric was an inspired choice.

Bright Blessings! K

Re: How to Embellish Buttonholes with Embroidery

Jennifer ~ Thank you so much for coming back to answer some of our questions!
This is a beautiful finishing tip. Bright Blessings ~ Kharmin

Re: Tapestry and denim jacket

That's just beautiful, Carolina!

While it's true that some unconventional combos work better than others, it all comes down to your definition of "better" and that depends on many variables, including personal taste.

Please, consider entering this in the Burda new-pattern competition that I just read about on this site. The shape is lovely, and I would *definitely* be interested in knowing more about your process! Bright Blessings!

Re: How to Make One-of-a-Kind Fabric

Hi Ariel!
What an intriguing idea ~ taking advantage of "rust stains don't come out" and looking at it as dye!
This definitely goes in the "bag of tricks" file!

Re: Lapped Zippers Rule!

Indeed, I prefer line drawings, too, in addition to photos. Drawings generally show only the particular step or technique at issue - any extra visual information has been edited out. With any photo, the viewer must sort *all* the information presented and try to figure out just which part is being referred to. Perhaps pointers and circles could be used on the photos to clarify exactly which details are being discussed?

Again, this is an old reprint, which I am very grateful to have access to! Thank you, Editors!

Bright Blessings!

Re: Symmetry for Quilters

Dear Editors ~

Thank you so much for reprinting this article! So much excellent information has been published over the years, and certainly we can't *all* have a complete collection of Threads!
I really appreciate the thoroughness of this piece - indeed, a good grasp of design principles is vital for all kinds of sewers and crafters.

Bright Blessings!

Re: Find Your Best Silhouette

While this *is* an interesting article, it feels more like a "teaser" than a truly usable piece.
Editors - would it be possible to add a photo of a real person (not an ideal, ideally) with the grid overlaid, so that we can better see what kind of information we're supposed to get? The Gatherings discussion (following post #9562.1) tells several tales of frustration with both the article in print and this Extra. Thanks. Kharmin

Re: breast cancer awareness dress

Stunning effect with the pleating on the bodice and peplum ~ Well Done!Did you pleat the fabric first, then cut out the pieces, or calculate the shapes needed? It looks very complex - I think people would enjoy seeing a "how to" somewhere! Bright Blessings to you! Kharmin