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Thornton, CO, US

I love to sew my own cloths and cloths for others. I crochet and knit, german punch and tat. Love learning anything that uses a needle. I am a computer tech by profession and a custom sewer at home. I'm single and happy with my life as a great grand mother now. I've been in Colorado now for almost 2 years and loving it. I have college degree and a few microsoft certs in my field. Sewing in my passion and someday I hope to do it all day again, maybe for a living.

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 05/17/2009

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Re: Make Custom Panties that Fit Perfectly

Where's the Threads Magazine for Android?

Re: Video: How to Drape a Skirt

the draping video I think was done very nicely. I have always wanred to learn to drape more advanced clothing. Rhe shirt is a start. Thanks

Re: Dress Forms Can Be a Sewing Room Essential

My first dress form was a French form (royal blue/red paisley), which was my dream form. Then my two darling grandsons spent a summer with me and she was destroyed. My next/current dress form is Dritz - My Double + the addition of Fabulous Fit Fitting System, which allowed me to add the real behind shape with the sink in my very straight back. This was always a fitting problem in ready made and sewing cloths for me. I make all my cloths using my pin able form. Alteration of patterns is so easy due to my dress form. I've used dress forms for over 20 years. In my dressmaker business I used different size forms. I can't remember what sewing was like without a dress form.

Re: A Certification Program for Custom Clothiers

I think cetifications are a clear sign of accomplishment. As an IT Professional certified in several aras of Microsoft servers & desktops, database designing. As long as the testing is honest and thorough,I would like to get the cost and the time to complete bt the ASDP & MSDP.

Re: What's Your Sewing Storage Solution?

I store my patterns in a 4 drawer file cabinet in manila folders with the numbers as the tab the inside of the pattern tissue are in the folders the back of the pattern is copy and stuck in the folder also the pattern itself is hanging on the wall I have one whole wall of nothing but patterns in a hanging design. I am able to select a pattern from the wall ans pull the folder from the file cabinet. If I'm going fabric shopping all I need is the copy of the pattern back for the yardage and notions.

Re: Fix Your Patterns Before You Sew

Unable to download this article Fix Your Patterns Before You Sew. i could really use this one too.

Re: What comes first in your sewing concept--the garment or its embellishment?

I plan my item then embellishments come later. Usually the embellishments are available during the garment creation, which are handy as the garment is built on my dress form. I drape then trim and create from that point.

Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

Finding someone to do the tapeing is my problem. I really want to try this form. I've always padded my purchased form to duplicate all of my measurements. This is great to know!