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Yoda's new Padawan

My daughter had to clear out her collection of Yoda memorabilia to make way for the nursery. When her son was born in mid October, I surprised her with a Yoda costume for Ethan.  At 14...

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Re: Oscar Fashion 2011

Seeing the flow and elegance of Cate Blanchette's dress as she glided across the stage is a tribute to Givenchy. Chiffon and lace make a beautiful blend. Those of us who appreciate vintage fashion can appreciate the timelessness of her dress, along with the modern touches that made it sparkle. I study both the dresses I love and I dresses that don't appeal to me. Quality and appropriateness with the strength of creativity make Cate's dress my favorite.

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

I made a duct tape form for my daughter's wedding dress and found that if you are not careful to support it properly, it will distort front to back and side to side. I used parallel line to measure chest, waist, and hips, and cut wood strips which were nailed together. I wrapped the form with old tee shirts cut into strips so I wouldn't have to pin into the tape. So my recommendation is to pay special attention to the form after it is assembled because if distorted it is not accurate. My daughter's dress was Elizabethan and everyone in the wedding had a picture taken with their "body double. It was as much fun as it was successful. A study form is a necessity, specially if you have 5 layers of dress to support.