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Denise Cowles-Lewis, Spring Hill, FL, US

I've been sewing since I was seven years old and working professionally as a freelance seamstress since 1994. I love period clothing and sci-fi/fantasy clothing from across the widest swath of all genres.

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, holidays, restyle, sewing

Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/04/1959

Member Since: 12/28/2011

recent comments

Re: How to Use Pins the Right Way

It just seems natural to do it this way as well. After years of sewing a fluidity of movement helps with speed, accuracy and comfort for the seamstress.

Re: Sew Vintage with The 1912 Project

I would love to participate in this project. I am currently working on some ensembles of this period for participation in a costuming group to which i belong. I would love to use the designs posted here to create and share the experience with others of similar interest.