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Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment

Obviously this jacket has created a chain of reactions - negative or positive. I am the one who said that this jacket is "tacky". I apologize if I rubbed individuals' feelings the wrong way. I could use another word - ostentatious - but I still feel the same. I do reiterate what I said before: I do not denigrate Mr. King's skills -I do recognize them. It is because of his talent that I am critical of his work. I hope that Mr. King's fans know the difference. As for the mention of Haute Couture (at its finest!!!),I do hope that it is a mistake. If my professor of Haute Couture was still alive, she would have a seizure.

Re: Using Buttons as Embellishment

It would have been the perfect jacket for halloween! With a matching pair of pants!
Mr. King has talent however he should use it more adequately. The reason why people want to sew is to make garments that are unique and beautifully done. Tacky garments can be found at Walmart.

Re: Roy Denim: A small jeans factory with only one worker

This is the most interesting article that I have seen in Threads in months. His work is beautiful. Kudo to you Roy.

Re: Parson Gray: A New Menswear Fabric Line

Your title is misleading. The fabric shown is more for quilting than for men's clothing. The only one that might be appropriate is the one used for the vest. Unless you want to sew sleeping wear.

Re: Check out the winners of the Duct Tape Prom Contest

I usually don't take the time to read what is posted on this website. However, I regret that I wasted my time reading about a context that is so ridiculous. More importantly, that Threads is posting such an activity.
I reluctantly re-subscribed to Thread magazine because it is becoming a "crafty" magazine. After reading about this context I regret more that I just reniewed my subscription.