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Livonia, MI, US

Longtime sewer. Now retired, I spend my time teaching others to sew, writing my sewing blog and creating as many projects as possible.

craft interests: fashion, sewing

Member Since: 05/29/2012

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Silk MOB suit

I made this suit for my daughter's afternoon wedding. The suit is made with silk shantung and features a lace applique panels hand stitched to the one side of the ensemble.

Silk Charmeuse blouse Vogue 1414

Vogue #1414 made in an Asian inspired silk charmeuse print.  Fabric cut on the crossgrain to properly capture the print. The two front shoulder overlays were cut to match the print and the front...

shirt knockoffs

I used the ruboff technique to copy a shirt I like and wear frequently. Nothing special, just a great everyday shirt to wear with jeans or casual pants. I love this method of creating patterns. In...

My Karen Kane Knockoff

This is a shirt I copied using the rub-off method.

Pretty in White Shirt

One can never have enough white shirts. I love the look of a crisp white shirt and love the fact that you can wear them with any color of pant or skirt. This one is a rather basic white shirt that I...

The theater dress

This is a dress I made for my daughter to replicate one I saw in a women's clothing catalog. The pattern comes from the November issue of the Burda magazine, called the "theater dress". I made it in...

Exposed zipper knit top

Easy knit top from Vogue #8854. I modified the pattern to feature the exposed zipper closure at the front and on the sleeves giving the top a more rustic style. Made in an easy to work with medium...

Dressy top

Dressy casual top in polyester faux dupioni. The style is adapted from Vogue #8854 and reflects many changes that include shortening the sleeves to 3/4 length and adding the ruffle trim. I shortened...

Fleece top

Easy Vogue #8854 made in an easy to work with fleece. Great for cool days and nights.

Knit Top

    Every day the employees at the fabric store where I teach select a bolt of fabric to display as their "fabric of the day". Their selections are usually quite lovely and too often I can't resist...

Cropped Jacket in Wool Plaid

The last of my samples for my sewing classes in November and December. My students will learn how to make this cute wool plaid jacket with raglan sleeves and braid trim. I used an old piece of...

Toddler Girls Party Dress

Another sample for an upcoming class I'm teaching. This time my students will learn how to make this darling toddler sized party dress. The dress features a two-tiered skirt with a slip lining and a...

Zebra print clutch handbag

As a sewing instructor I often have to make samples of the projects I am teaching. Such is the case with this simple clutch style handbag. Made of a purple and black zebra print it features a black...

Leopard print holiday blouse

I needed a top for the holidays and couldn't resist this lovely leopard print fabric. It was the perfect weight, just right for the fall/winter season, not too light or too heavy. I used Butterick...

Fleece Swing Coat

I made this fleece swing coat as a sample for a class I was teaching. Its a darling fall/winter style coat, that is unlined and has 3/4 length sleeves. The pattern called for blanket trim, but I am...

My New Sewing Studio

I have been sewing for decades, but like many home sewers, I have never had a dedicated space where I could set up shop and have everything I need at arms length - until now. This is my new sewing...

Orange Evening Dress

I had a wedding to go to and I simply wasn't in the mood to canvas the city for a dress that would fit my 'now' mature figure. Not to mention something that covers my arms, is not too short or...

recent comments

Re: Make Padded Seams to Prevent Seam Allowance Impressions

I've never had an occasion to do this but looks simple enough and worthwhile. Thanks

Re: Video: How to Sew a French Seam

French seams are a favorite seam finish for me, especially with all the beautiful sheer fabrics that are in vogue these days. Your tutorial is easy to follow and instructive.

Re: Book and DVD Giveaway: Claire B. Shaeffer's "Couture Sewing: Tailoring Techniques"

I learned to sew at a time when tailored jackets and suits were popular. I made a fully tailored pant suit as a college project (got an A), but frankly, as clothing trends have become more unstructured, I haven’t tailored much since then. With the resurgence of interest in vintage clothing it seems natural that structured, well tailored garments will follow. I still love the challenge and intricate detail making a tailored jacket requires. For me, that’s what makes sewing so interesting and rewarding. What I am hoping to perfect are my skills at tailoring the perfect notched collar, which I believe epitomizes what tailoring is all about. Honing those skills using hair canvas, taping and pad stitching are what I most want to learn

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Sew Home

My sewing mentor made a set of curtains, slipcovers, and pillows that would convert her living room from a winter to summer setting. Combined with a quick changeroo of the furniture and, voila, a fresh new living room that literally changed with the seasons. I have always admired that design initiative, so the first thing I would do is exactly that - make slipcovers for my sofa and chairs, a dozen throw pillows to cozy up the place, a pouf or two to throw on the floor, and new floor to ceiling drapes for the windows. But for me it would be for my family room where we live most every season of the year.

Re: My Duplicate Dress Form

Your dress form looks fabulous and so professional. I have tried to make one using duct tape. Its good, not great. Could you please direct me to the Kenneth King dress form information you make reference to in your post?

Re: Dressy top

Thank you.

Re: 'High Profile' Jabot Blouse

Stunning blouse. You've made a simple wardrobe staple very special. While I see many potential pairings, what do you wear with it?

Re: Knitting/Tote Bag

Stunning! So beautifully done. I'm truly inspired.

Re: Fleece Swing Coat

Fun, fun, Fun. So glad I could inspire you. There is so much you can do with that leopard print fleece, From my scraps I made two outerwear scarves and a winter headband. Thanks for the comments.

Re: How to Move a Dart

Awesome article! And, so in touch with today's newest styles. I have been fumbling around trying to move and/or create design darts on dresses and tops, but this both simplifies and expedites the process. Thanks.

Re: A New Improved Seam Roll

I knew one day that leftover piece of stair railing would come in handy! Just sad I didn't think of it first. Thanks

Re: Roll Hemming a Curve Made Easy

Thanks so much for the response. There are so many items I would like to make this season that have either ruffles or edges that require a narrow rolled hem. I am determined to master the technique before I tackle any of them and will definitely try your suggested remedy.

Re: Roll Hemming a Curve Made Easy

I tried your technique on a ruffle for a summer blouse. The ruffle pattern piece was rather circular so it covers both bias edges and on grain edges. While your technique is superb along the bias cut edges, the grain edges were significantly more difficult. I have also tried using a rolled hem presser foot, but in either case getting the fine edge to turn at the grain edge is still impossible. Any advice?

Re: Roll Hemming a Curve Made Easy

Where was this advise when I was rolling a hem on a linen ruffle. Great tip.