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queen creek, az

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 12/30/2008

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Re: Circular Vest

Give us more. What a great and "GREEN" idea. Thank you.

Re: Emery Pincushions

Thank you for sharing your emery projects. These would look great in any sewing room. What do you charge for them? I can be contacted at Desert Hippie Couture

Re: Village Frock

Reminds me of the Ashland, OR's Shakespeare Festival outfits. Ashland is known the world over for the festival each summer.

I love the color of the fabric. You could go anywhere with is classic design and has held the test of time; dates to circa. 1564 to 1623 or so. Thank you bring it back into style.

Re: Vintage Tablecloth Jackets

The pink outfit: I have never seen a table cloth with this type of design work. Where do you find such unique table cloths? This is a great idea. You can bet no one and I mean no one would go to the ball this the same outfit. Thank you for sharing this great idea.

Re: Sanya

This is a great technique. The colors are alittle muddled in the photo but the watercolor affect is ingenious. Does the handwork in person look less muddled? If not try a different combo of colors to true up the definition of the dog. Great work. I hope you are teaching this method to others.

Re: The Hermit Crab - Needlework painting

How ingenious. Your handwork has a watercolor quality. Thank you for sharing.

Re: Red/Black Linen Sheath Dress

Great design and fit. I can't see the dart control but I can see the beautiful fabric/color choice which is awesome. BUT the most impressive in your attention to detail in matching your plaids. Fantastic job. If you do not teach you should and teach plaid matching and dart control. You have a great talent. Thank you for sharing.

Re: Entering the world of sewing

I am very fortunate to have my mother, 2 grandmothers and a great-grandmother whom all sewed. I am a 10 yr. 4-H alumna. 4-H is a great program and all that can should be involved and get your children involved. 4-H teaches whatever subject you are interested. In my case I did sewing, cooking and canning. I competed a county and state fairs. What a great experience. This competion environment gave me an unbiased review of my skills from yr to yr. This allowed me to grow as a sewer. Now, 43 years after I learned to sew I am going into business. I own Desert Hippie Couture and can be contacted at I manufacture Western and Re-Enactment costumes, Christening Gowns in Victorian style and Interment Gowns which I donate. Alot of my work is on very old sewing machines and handwork. I do own and use newer machines but prefer the older the better machines.

If I had not had a great learning environment I would not of had the sewing bug and now a new career.

Re: How to do a Fell Stitch

Dear Kenneth,

Don't stop give us more. I love the subjects you demo.

Re: Couture suit

Sorry, Look up the definition of Couture. More like torture to Look at and the fit. the fabric selection is all wrong. Girls have some self-respect when fitting and wearing any and all clothing. We are judged not only by our peers and associations; we also judged by our clothing selections and most all the fit which includes the fabric selection.

Re: Add Support to Fabrics with Old Flannel Sheets

Old sheets of any kind and old towels are my secret battings for hot pads, table runners and mats, chair cushions, quilts and the list goes on. A great way to stay green and conserve. Thanks

Re: Line and Underline in One Step

Thank you. I would roll a french seam on the inside of the jacket to give more support at the top shoulder seam to prevent stress and give the jacket long wearability.

Re: Bag Your Jacket Lining

jacket linings have been a thorn to me. Thank you for this explaination. The instructions were a bit rocky until the pictures and the written explanation at the end of the piece but I get it and I am off to fix my jacket with this method.

Re: How to Sew a Sheer Placket

Thank you for this set of instructions. I love the internet and Threads because we can always learn real lessons economically. Great demostration. Give us more. Thanks, again.

Re: Sewing on the Half Scale

Thank you for the article and showing us your examples. I keep thinking of ways to make expense and couture items with less cost. This is a great way to make designs affordable.