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Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

Answer to: iHeartSewing writes: I'm attempting to make a bathing suit...the pattern calls for two way stretch jersey...can I use the fabric labeled dance and swim wear? Just want to make sure before I buy it. If I'm between sizes to I just cut the pattern for the biggest and take it in?

If it were me, I would prefer the swimsuit fabric and this is why. The weight, usually 4-6, oz is more substantial without being too heavy. It will hold shape better when wet and not possibly be so thru either. It is also designed for UV and chemical resistance which can cause fading and bleaching. Most, but not all, jersey knits tend to have cotton blends in them which can also shrink or cause sagging problems later. If they are all synthetic fibers, then they may be good to use. I don't usually worry if they are 2 or 4 way stretch unless it's critical to the fit. Two way stretch will be just fine, as long as you remember to use it for going where you need the stretch the most...around the body.

As for sizing. Double check your pattern for what I call "reality" sizing. There can be some big differences from one pattern/company to the next. Take nothing for granted; especially when fitting for something that is to be worn this close to the body. And rule of thumb: Measure twice and cut once. Bigger is always better in this case. I can't ad more room later once I've cut it out. If you use a serger, which I highly recommend, it's a simple matter of serging to fit. You can always take a little serged trim here or there to whittle it down to size.

Hope this helps!

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

To Mollyboutique: Visit for some patterns you may be interested in. She specializes in fabric and supplies for western show apparel and works primarily in stretch fabrics, long sleeves, zip front etc. Sounds just like what you are looking for. Even better yet, give her a call. She's willing to help you with your questions or find resources for what you need. Even if doesn't carry it she'll help you track it down. Contact info is on the website.

We saw her at an equine expo where she did a seminar on show clothes and it took the mystery out of so many of the questions we had about sewing with stretch fabrics and using the patterns. Absolutely loved it!!!