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Margo Bergene, Fridley, MN, US

I have been sewing my own clothes since I was in 4th grade. starting in high school I started combining patterns to get unique resuults. I enjoy machine embroidery, quilting, sewing beautiful dresses for my girls, making decorated swim suits for the Synchro team is fun.

I sew something almost every day. In the next two weeks I need to finish a silk prom dress and about 30 synchronized swim suits. I hope I survive the month!

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, quilting, sewing

Member Since: 04/09/2009

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Re: Onezie Makeover

Lapark - how about a cute vest as the tank, applique the lapels and maybe even add a bow tie. really cute baby boys.

Re: A Glimpse of a Project in Progress

I'm guessing with lemmonsc jacket sleeves. I want to see more.

Re: Firming Up Fabrics with Gelatine

Just a note of interest; I make synchronized swim suits so I know many swimmers, those ladies set their hair in buns with super thickened (3 packages to half a cup of hot water) knox gelatin. They let it harden before swimming. It's shiny and stays put.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "The Art of Fashion Draping" by Connie Amaden-Crawford

I would love to drape my daughters wedding dresses, I have a few years to get ready but I figure it's time to start learning how to do this. Now that I have made custom duck tape dress forms I figure I'm half way there.

Re: Curtains for our restaurant

Nice job you get my vote.

Re: Fashion Scarf How-to

vcalbur Please don't sell yourself short. You are a Professional sewist, Charge enough that people resect your talents. THose of us who sew tend to underestimate our value. If customers want $5 scarves send them to GoodWIll. You are doing custom one of a kind work, you are talented, you have great value. ANy other professional with your years of experience would charge at a min $25/hour for their work, it is not unreasonable to charge more than that.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

I have been thinking about how I would make the show better. I would add a half hour after show that focuses on the construction process not the behavior. There are lots of seamstresses/seamsters (I don't know the male version it can't be tailor because women are tailors too) I digress. I would add an assistant either pattern maker or sewer for each designer. Then the show would be more about the design part not the execution of the design. Maybe they would have 2 hours of professional sewing time, to use as they want. The designers would still do much of the construction but in the real world with a brand the designers don't make the patterns or do the sewing. I'm sure there numerous problems with these ideas but.... I did like Anya partly because of her personality but also with slight modifications real sized people could wear her clothes. If you think of the head of a design line they must be able to work with other people or they will only be making one garment at a time. communication is essential to all businesses.

Re: Video: How to Embellish with Studs and Rhinestones 101

Just a quick note to let you know that the heat set method works on stretchy fabrics as well. I sew swim suits for synchronized swimmers and use the heat set method with great results. I have also used the sticky back films that allow you to draw a design on the non sticky side then create your design upside down. You can always flip the clear film over to check how it looks. (this method allows for a repeatable design) after you have placed all heat set items then you use an iron and heat set many "gems" at one time. I wait until all are cool and remove the sticky back film. then I check with a fingernail if all are secure if not it is easy to go in with the small heat setting tool shown in the video.

Re: Sewing findings on securely

I was taught this method by my grandmother who had the most beautiful stitches, evenly spaced and perfect tension. She spent many hours with me watching her do handwork. This method is the one that stuck the best of all she taught me. If I ever put a hook and eye on the lazy way I think of her cut it off and do it her way.

One question is there an easy way to cover snaps? The small size makes covering them a bit of a challenge.

Re: Take a Buttonhole a Long Way

I think this is a fabulous idea. Thanks for a great decorative as well as functional buttonhole. The directions are great! Get out a piece a fabric and make your own sample. If you are holding actual fabric, making cuts, and sewing while you read I think you will find this very simple to do. Be patient follow each step don't get ahead of yourself.