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Re: Close-Fit Duct-Tape Dress Form

I just finished making a duct tape dress form almost entirely by myself. It took four hours and 3 rolls of tape. I wasted a lot of the tape when it got stuck to itself when I was putting it on my back. I am sure it would have turned out better if I had more help, but I think it will be fine.

I found that putting the tape on in strips worked best and gave me more control. Wrapping continuously got too tight.
Putting the tape on my back was the difficult part, but the vertical direction was easier than I expected. I took a long strip, with one hand, dropped one end over my shoulder and grabbed it with my other hand before sticking it on.

To get the tape on my upper back horizontally, I stood in front of a tall mirror, stuck one end of the tape to the mirror at the height of where it would go on. While keeping the tape taut, I stuck the other end to my back and rotated backward into the tape so it attached to my back.

Because I made the the dressform myself I few things went wrong. The t-shirt got bunched up in places from bending around to put the tape on. The duct tape got creased and lumped at my waist as well. I put some more tape over this part and it helped to smooth it out.

If I make another one, here is what I would do differently. I would use two t-shirts. With one t-shirt on, I would do all three layers on my upper body, above the natural waist first. Then I would cut off the part of the shirt the it sticking out. Next, I would cut off the top part of the second t-shirt to leave a skirt. After putting on the skirt I would complete the part below my natural waist, leaving a gap of an inch or two. The part at the natural waist gets bunched up from bending over. The last step would be to finish the natural waist part.

I was able to get my husband do the final layer on my upper back. He marked the center line on the back and cut it off of me. I did everything else by myself.