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Cennetta Burwell

craft interests: crochet, fashion, sewing

Member Since: 05/04/2010

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Copy That Trendy Top using Sandra Betzina's Vogue 8151

It's been a long time since I posted to the reader's closet.  But this is one I think is a good project to share with others.  I was able to copy my inspiration top using Sandra Betzina's Vogue...

The Stripe in the Jacket - Mc Call 6294

Stripe Challenge Garment and Palmer/Pletsche contest entry. I wanted to share a few photos of my stripe challenge garment. Enjoy! Cennetta  

New Look Pleated Bodice Dress

This is a recent dress made using New Look 6067.  I love the obi belt and the pleated bodice.  Very stylish dress for work or play.  More on how I made it on my...

S4356 - Faux Leather/Shearling Coat

Two years ago, I started thinking about making a faux leather/shearling coat.  Well last weekend I finally made it.  It was a breeze, and I love results.  It's fashionable and...

Salvatore Ferragamo Inspired Coat - Simplicity 2812

Black and white houndstooth is every where this fall.  I guess we can credit Salvatore Ferragamo for that.  The fabric was a gift and this fall I decided to go ahead with sewing it up.  It was...

New Look 6824 Summer Dress Sew Along

This summer I participated in the Summer Dress Sew Along.  I decided to make a special dress.  A dress that included some special sewing techniques.  Susan Khalje's article in the May...

Cennetta's Passion - Vogue 1205

This is my favorite dress of the season.  I used a knit from Joann's Fabric for the dress and an animal swimsuit knit for Hancock's.  I purchased the tricot lining from Vogue Fabrics in...

Cennetta's Passion - Vogue 1250

This is one of several dresses that I made this spring (2011).  I call this the easiest dress ever.  Only three pieces that sewed up in two hours.  I plan to make it again.  Next...

Refashion - Fur and Leather

One of my goals is to make something made of leather. This year that goal was met. The project was fun. It allowed me to experiment with refashioning two different materials. This was a very fun...

Cennetta's Passion

This is my first dress made in 2011.  I used Simplicity 2282, Project Runway.  The fabric is from the Chicago Fabric Sales Company on Wabash (Chicago).  This is a double sided...

Cennetta's Passion

These dresses were made by me using NL6824.  I wanted a new LBD; this is the result of that desire.  The fabric is from Vogue Fabrics on Roosevelt Rd in Chicago.

recent comments

Re: Not a $5,000 blouse

Love it.

Re: The Piper Gown

Outstanding! The gown is fabulous and your friend looks absolutely splendid.

Re: How to Pretest Pattern Changes with "Minipats"

Great post. Often when I'm considering a pattern, I look at the guide sheet to determine how I'd make my FBA and to see the of the pattern pieces. Using the diagram to pretest in minature version is a great way to further access changes.

Re: Pleated Shoulder Sleeve

Bravo, Rhonda. Lovely addition to your Sleeves on Saturday series.

Re: Awesome Upcycle


Re: Pretty in White Shirt

Lovely shirt.

Re: How to Reduce Collar Bulk

Excellent! I planning to make a few button down blouses this season. This will come in handy. It's also illustrated in Sandra Betzina's tool kit.

Re: Striped Sweater Set

Well done, Diana. I am really into stripes for the past few years. Love the look of your ensemble.

Re: Eggplant Dress

Nice dress. Congratulations!

Re: The Faux Ruffled Tiered Skirt

This is a great looking skirt. I saw this in real life at the Saturday, March 2, 2013, Haute Couture Club meeting. One of our members showcase this skirt in "Sew and Share". Two snaps up, Rhonda.

Re: Hanging On A Cliff, A Draped Dress

Love this dress.

Re: Mimi's Fingerless Gloves


Re: Blouse with Gold Top Stitching

Beautiful blouse. Great topstitching detail.

Re: The Geometric Dreams Jacket

Great looking jacket. Thanks for free pattern.

Re: Ladies Who Lunch

Outstanding! I saw it in person. Great looking bag to say the least.

Re: How to Make a Lovely Pleated-Ribbon Trim

Excellent! Thank you.

Re: Gorgeous Winter White Coat with Embroidery and Long Red Velveteen Gloves


Re: The Stripe in the Jacket - Mc Call 6294

Thanks so much, Grandcarr.

Re: Boxy Cosmetic Bag

Love it. Super cute.

Re: New Look Pleated Bodice Dress

Thanks, ladies.

Re: The Stripe in the Jacket - Mc Call 6294

Thanks, Sewista. I did win. Pati Palmer contacted me last Wednesday with the great news. Thanks again.

Re: The Stripe in the Jacket - Mc Call 6294

Thanks, Maddle.

Re: How to Make Ribbon Trim

Wow! Thanks for posting this. It's a great way to embellish a garment.

Re: Felted Houndstooth Bag

Lovely bag. Thanks for sharing the details about how it's made.

Re: Hand Embroidery Tutorial

Beautiful bag.

Re: Party in Red

Absolutely gorgeous. Job well done.

Re: S4356 - Faux Leather/Shearling Coat

Good morning dolldivafunity,

This is actually my eleventh coat made: 7 for me; 3 for sisters; and 1 for my daughter.


Re: Multi Color Tapestry Tote Bag

Pretty bag.

Re: S4356 - Faux Leather/Shearling Coat

Thanks, ladies.

Re: New Look Pleated Bodice Dress

Thanks, ladies.

Re: New Look Pleated Bodice Dress

Sewista, Thanks. The belt is one of my favorite things about this outfit.

Re: S4356 - Faux Leather/Shearling Coat

Thanks, MegY.

Re: New Look Pleated Bodice Dress

Thanks, Andrea545.

Re: My first jeans

Excellent job on the jeans.

Re: Thistle Cottage Studio Hosts Jasmin Zorlu's Hatblocking Workshop

Excellent! Beautiful hats.

Re: Leather and Lace

Beautiful bag. I really like the combination of leather and lace. Unique.

Re: Palmer/Pletsch is Holding a Contest

I have used Palmer-Pletsch patterns for many years. My oldest pattern is from the 80's. I'm also a fan of their fitting books which have helped me fit other patterns. Here is a link to my flickr Palmer-Pletsch collection:


Re: Salvatore Ferragamo Inspired Coat - Simplicity 2812

Thanks, ladies. And please do stop by my blog. Comments and questions are welcome. Happy Sewing!

Re: Creating a Minifacing

Excellent tutorial. Thanks, Ms. Khalje.

Re: Gifts for Sewers - A Gift Guide to the Holidays

Great gift ideas. I see at least five I would like to have.

Re: New Look 6824 Summer Dress Sew Along

Thanks, ladies.

Beatriz cac - I will complete the survey.

Thanks again,

Re: New Look 6824 Summer Dress Sew Along

Thanks ladies.

Re: Hand Understitching

Excellent tutorial.

Re: Cennetta's Passion - Vogue 1205

Thanks Cheryl and JerseyQueen,

My apologies for such a late response to your question. I haven't experienced the snap or snag of the thread while sewing knits. Typically, I use polyester thread. I hope I'm understanding what you mean. The snapping and snagging occurs when you are sewing? If yes, I've only experienced skipped stitches or tangled thread on the underside. When that happens, I rethread the machine and/or change the needle (ballpoint or sharp depending on the type of knit fabric).

Re: Cennetta's Passion - Vogue 1250

Thanks, ladies. Kafree2fly, you are so kind. Thank you,

Re: Cennetta's Passion - Vogue 1205

Thanks, everyone.

Re: Chanel-style Jacket

Outstanding. Your jacket is perfect. A chanel jacket is on my to do list this year. I'm hoping for beautiful results.

Re: Add Gradual Width

Thanks for the tip. This makes adding width at the hips easy.

Re: Cennetta's Passion - Vogue 1205

Thanks, Thomy.

Re: New Sewing Show, "It's Sew Easy," Starts June 30 on PBS

This is so wonderful. I see the Angela Wolf will appear in several episodes. Congrats to all.

Re: New Sewing Show, "It's Sew Easy," Starts June 30 on PBS

Congratulations, Grety! I will definitely tune in.

Re: High Fashion and Haute Couture in the Windy City

Wonderful. It was a great show.

Re: Smocked Dress

Beautiful dress.

Re: Skirt Repair

Great save. The skirt has a fresh new look to it.

Re: Facing a Facing

Thanks. This is a great tip.

Re: T Shirt Dress

Beautiful and so creative.

Re: Cennetta's Passion

eMMb - Thanks. I only wore this outfit once. I finished it on January 29, 2011.

Re: Cennetta's Passion

Good morning ladies,
I'm so sorry for not responding sooner. Thank you for all the lovely comments. All of the details on these dresses are posted on my blog:

Re: 3 Neat Edge Finishes for the Sleeveless Styles of Summer

Excellent tips. Thanks,

Re: 3 Neat Edge Finishes for the Sleeveless Styles of Summer

Excellent tips. Thanks!


Absolutely beautiful. Very well crafted and the dress fits you to a "T".

Re: Field of Poppies

Adorable top. It suits you.

Re: Budding Green Jacket

Great jacket. Chartreuse is one of my favorite colors and a great way to brighten up the spring wardrobe.