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Toronto, ON, CA

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, gifts, sewing, bra making

Member Since: 09/04/2009

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Re: Firming Up Fabrics with Gelatine

This may be a great technique, but I have found that the most slippery fabrics can be tamed by hand basting. It takes a little longer, but I can't imagine finishing something and then rinsing it out! Call me crazy but I enjoy the feeling and manipulation of fabric. I find that hand basting seams etc solves so many problems and leaves your hands free to massage any tricky areas during sewing.
Just saying.....................

Re: Three Ways to Attach Boning

Hello Patricia
Thank you for this article, which I have but scanned. Given that serious seamstresses change their sewing machine needles for each new project I am always left wondering "which needle does one use when sewing through rigilene"? It seems to me that a leather or denim needle might be in order or does one simply have a needle for the project and a needle for the rigilene?

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

Ah, but PointPatou, I'll bet a lot of these sewers have similar problems to mine, that they are longer in the front than the back or vice versa. My problems with pants began with back surgery, which has permanently tilted by pelvis forward. Add to that a bone graft wedge of about 3/4 inch and you have a real pant fitting nightmare! So, I am really thinking of doing a form and extending it about half way down my thighs. That way I would get the waist, the tilt, accommodate my permanent "bustle" (protruding butt) and any posture adjustments I need too. I guess I would just be trimming at a level slightly below the crotch.

Oooo I am beginning to get up my courage!
thanks all

Re: My cousin wedding!!

You gave me the best laugh I have had in about a year!!! I can understand your pain. We all hope that the next dress you may volunteer for will be your grand-daughter's. That is to say that I wish your daughter a long happy married life.

Re: Vintage Wedding gown

Well done MCarolina!! Both your work and your riposte to chezschelle. I love sewing and I simply adore couture sewing. I have been doing a few things for my daughter-in-law which I hope to post soon. *Still waiting for my son to send more photos* *sigh*
I really appreciate the skill you show in your work. I would have liked to see a bigger photo to appreciate your materials, but I suspect that has more to do with the site than your actual photos.
As for people who seem to need to correct people in the name of demolishing "political correctness". Please learn to spell and use grammar before you tear into someone!
For those who wish to explore this new web terrorism: excellent reads are "I Brain" and "Choosing Civility". No I don't have any real or implied interest in advocating these books other than my weariness with rudeness. Enough said.
Again MCarolina, you make my heart happy with your skill. This is exceptional work and it is apparent to every eye that beholds it.