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Torquay, devon, UK

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, knitting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 04/11/2012

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Re: Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 11: "Always the Bridesmaid"

None of them were fit for purpose!!!!!!!

Re: How to Sew a Designer Shift

why cut of your nose to save your face? You can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time. Posts are only an additive no one forces you to read them and they do not detract from the excellence of the magazine

Maureen at Henge

Re: McCall's latest collection

I am 73 years old and weigh in at 10st9lb as I am only 5 foot tall you can imagine the problems I have. To add to this my bust is 44" my waist 36" and my hips 41" I have long since given up buying off the peg, it is too soul destroying! I only know of one manufacturer whose clothes fit but regret too say that I find their clothes old fashioned. Adjusting patterns is a nightmare and time consuming I chose my patterns with great care make the adjustments and then cut and make them up in Swedish tracing paper make any further adjustments and then make it up in my chosen fabric. Yes buying fabric is getting more and more difficult I travel to Birmingham where there are still a couple of good fabric stores plus the rag market. Locally ( within 15 miles) there are 3 stores which sell fabric. I save my pennies and then go on a fabric spree I choose fabrics which I like and know will suit me and add them to my fabric stash so that when I want to sew I usually have a suitable fabric on hand. There is always the internet but I like the touchy feely test before spending my cash. If any one out there can offer further advice I would love to hear from you.

Re: Video: Learn the Basics of Fashion Illustration from Yelen Aye

I have been looking for this sort of help for years. I shall keep practising until I improve and am able to express my ideas in a much better format than I have previously