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Bath, UK

I am a person who loves to sew, knit (on a knitting machine, it's faster!), in fact anything that involves fabric, wool and colour/texture. In fact, just thinking about these things makes me happy. I suppose you might say that I am obsessed, a real "anorak." Oh! and I am a compulsive Threads reader too...

craft interests: fashion, knitting, quilting, restyle, sewing, machine knitting

Member Since: 03/23/2011

recent comments

Re: A Trick for Working with Raw Silk

Having just finished reading, from cover to cover, "Couture Techniques", by Kenneth D King, I think the man is a complete genius. From now on, I will avidly search out and read as much of his sewing advice as I can find, including of course the tip on sewing tricky silk. Any more of his books I should acquire??

Re: Video: Two Techniques for Edges

The tip about corner mitres is great, except for the fact that we don't get told when to take out the pins. Ironing over the plastic headed pins she seems to be using would cause quite a mark in the fabric!