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Anchorage, AK, US

During a cold Minnesota winter in 1960 my mother taught me how to mend clothing and sew scraps together for a rug. After I mastered a straight seam, she bought a shirt pattern and some loud red and black stripped fabric which became my first hand made shirt. Although the shirt looked like a prison uniform, I wore it proudly. Life happened....time went by.

About 3 years ago I used a hand-me-down Sears sewing machine and made some pillows and cushions. All the techniques I learned over 40 years ago came back and I've been sewing almost daily. I've made kilt skirts of my own design for my wife, aunt, mother, and two sisters. Last year I made an 8 yard kilt and have designed and built several more kilts for myself.

Now I have a dedicated sewing room and design handbags, wallets, clutch purses, and quilts. Shirts and jackets are next.

craft interests: quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 06/15/2010

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Re: The Blog for Men Who Sew (And the Women Who Sew For Them)

I'm really excited about the Male Pattern Boldness blog. The story is heartening. Sewing is such an enjoyable hobby and I'm pleased to see this article in Threads magazine. My only regret is not finding Peter's blog earlier. Great job.