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Mollie James, London, UK

Hello there, my name is Mollie. I am born in London, more specifically Enfield. I studied graphic design over the past years and now I am working as a designer.

It may sound strange, but this way I do my bit towards sustainable future and this makes me pretty, pretty happy about my work choice.

I felt in love with books when I was 12 and ever since we are together.

craft interests: fashion, gifts, holidays, paper-crafts

Gender: Female

Member Since: 07/09/2015

recent comments

Re: Boning- Not just for Corsets

Quality of the inner is even more important, it is the part the person actually feels. So outer look is important but no to forget to inner one.

Re: Circular Vest

Crochet edge stitching will unnecessarily make the process harder.

Re: Sources for Chic, New Eco Fabrics

I agree, Nature's Fabrics offer reasonably priced, good locking stuff.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Marge's Custom Slipcovers"

Home-made slipcovers are always more durable than ones in stores.

Re: The Merits of a Basic Fitting Pattern

Since it is described pretty well I got the idea, but I think a video would be extremely useful to beginners.

Re: Bias 101

Very clear instructions. Thanks.

Re: Dyeing with Bleach

Good point, designs. Safety first.

It is amazing to see these results, and it looks not so hard to recreate.

Re: Understanding Underlining

I always had trouble with my clothes wrinkling. Well, no more with this technique, and this is one of the positive effects.

Re: Free, Downloadable Templates for your Sweet Spiked Tote

This is something we can go absolutely creative about. Be careful not to make it too shiny, it would be hard for me.

Re: Paper-Tape Dress Form

growlie, same here, you are not alone! I also got one made by butcher's tape, but now it only looks cool and I can brag about it, thats it.

Re: Working with Vintage Patterns

Big thanks for the article, found quite interesting stuff there.

Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

I created my own dress form out of paper tape. And I feel very good about doing it myself! Thanks.

Re: Quilt it Freehand

Thanks for the tips!

Re: Making Sense of Pattern Grading

Clever and interesting technique.