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Houston, TX, US

Houston Chapter American Sewing Guild

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, holidays, knitting, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 04/16/2010

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Time for Warm Weather Fun!

With today's constant doom-and-gloom economic woes, I've made two resolutions: 1) to sew more, since I can still wear nice clothes at a much lower cost, and 2) to dress more cheerfully to keep...

One Great Dress and Three Different Looks

I decided to make a fun dress for the summer that would be versatile as well as show a little personality.  Alone, it's great for any daytime summer activity. (For interest I added a folded...

recent comments

Re: Bust Dart Pressing: Cup Size is a Factor in Which Technique You Choose

Good to know! Thanks, Louise! I always like to learn these little tricks that make my garments look better.

Re: Re-create Couture Pleated Silk Organza Panels

Susan, this is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing this with us -- I'm going to use this for one of projects in my monthly challenge group. There are so many possibilities with this. The edges could be stitched down with decorative thread, or a ribbon could be inserted into each pleat. Or the pleats could be embellished with beads and sewn into place. And on and on . . . What a beautiful element to any garment. See you at the American Sewing Guild conference in DC in August!

Re: Make Padded Seams to Prevent Seam Allowance Impressions

Wonderful technique -- especially when working with satin! Thanks for this tip!

Re: Homecoming Dress

Good job! I look forward to seeing more from you!

Re: Lace Wedding Gown

Gorgeous! I made my own wedding dress, too, years ago. And it means so much more than just buying a dress. It's much more personal to put your "heart" into a dress for such an important day!

Re: Wear Anywhere Dress and Jacket

Very nice! Keep up the good work, and keep inspiring others!

Re: How to Create a Notched Tuck

Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous!! What a great decorative idea!! You can't go wrong with a little fabric manipulation. Thanks Judith!

Re: Chanel Inspired jacket

Love it!

Re: That Wrap Dress

Love it. It's got lots of personality and energy -- could go from the office to dinner with a mere change of jewelry. Nice job!

Re: Fun On The Greens

Great outfit! You'll have lots of fun with this!

Re: Lacey scalloped hem shorts with vintage scrap fabric

Very cute. Could go either dressy or casual. Nice job!

Re: How to Use Pins the Right Way

Go, Susan! Great article and info as usual! I took Susan's couture class and bought these fabulous top-of-the-line pins. She sells those and some way cool French pin cushions for the wrist on her site. Pinning correctly and using the right products really makes a difference.

Re: What sewing skill do you want to learn next?

One other idea . . . I think Threads should sponsor "Project Threads" whereby they give readers a weekly (or bi-monthly) challenge a la Project Runway challenges. We could do an unbleached muslin challenge, an unconventional materials challenge, all make a dress from the same pattern, etc., with pictures posted to the website. Probably 4 or 6 challenges would be plenty for something like this. Winner gets -- what else? -- a spread in Threads magazine, along with other fabulous prizes . . . Just a thought . . .

Re: What sewing skill do you want to learn next?

I'm voting for pattern drafting and more draping, too. I'd love to become a whiz with this French Curve that I own, along with all the other curvy rulers I have (nationality unknown . . .)

Re: Sew Vintage with The 1912 Project

Ooooh, I want in on this, too. My company puts out a Titanic murder mystery dinner party game, and I've got customers wanting to make costumes for their parties. This will be great!

Re: Project Runway - And Sew it Begins

I think the judges should have kept McKell, too -- her dress was cute and completed, unlike some of the others. Overall, I thought Peach's was the most put together and wearable. Especially considering what she had to work with! And dresses stapled? Hmmm . . . How did that person get put through to the next round? Seems like a darker, more sinister Project Runway this time. The music on the commercials has sort of a psycho-kind of creepy sound to it. Personally, I liked the fun, focus-on-the-creativity seasons better . . .

Re: more zippers love!!!!

I love your work! I've seen several of your pieces that you've posted, and you have such a unique and interesting creative perspective. Your necklaces are either stand alone - works of art on their own - or else wonderful accessories to complete an outfit. Either way, they're beautiful and eye-catching. Hope you keep up the great work -- with your talent, you should go far!

Re: And the Winner of the Spring Color Contest is...

Thank-you so much to Threads Magazine for hosting this contest! Contests are so good for us all -- they allow us to spread our wings creatively and encourage us to push the envelope when it comes to our own talents and abilities. Thank-you for having my dress as the winner -- it was such a wonderful boost! And thanks also to Kai Scissors for sponsoring this -- wow, these scissors are phenomenal!! Especially the professional ones!! And my hat is off to everyone who entered the contest. I always enjoy the kind of people who jump into the game and play ball, rather than sit on the sidelines. I look forward to seeing everyone's entries in future contests.

Have a wonderful day and keep up all your creative endeavors. You inspire all around you!

Re: Daughters Prom Dress

I applaud you! Not only did you make a lovely dress for your daughter to wear to prom, but you also sent a very powerful message to her, showing her that by using your own creativity, talent, and self-sufficiency, you gave her the same dress at a price that was within the budget. Plus, she'll always remember the dress that Mom made. I hope she is following in your footsteps and sewing as well. Good job!