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Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

I made one of the duct tape forms successfully a few years ago with my sister in law. We had great fun while making it... imagine the young mother dashing out to the front yard chasing a 6 yr boy while the mom is half covered in duct tape! Anyway, the form worked well; we stuffed with pillows and batting and then shipped the form from CA to NY (where I live) so that I could sew for her. Really good fun and it worked. It is hot, so those who are claustrophobic, try something else. Careful marking enables you to mount it correctly (I had to redo this part). If anyone is in the NYC area, I am happy to help. Look for me in 'gatherings' under the name Rotchen.

Re: How to do a Blanket Stitch

Tedd1y's comment is interesting & also leads me to what might be an interesting article or series for Threads. In this economy, mending and fixing things is as important sometimes, as the creative process in creating something new. Our old skills (darning, reweaving, patching, taking in & letting out without showing previous seam lines) might need refreshing. I for one, agree with tedd1y about darning but also would be very interested in the other areas as well with comments about various fabrics. Thank you