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craft interests: knitting, sewing

Gender: Female

Member Since: 01/04/2010

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Scarlet silk evening gown

this plus-sized evening gown is made of a soft, washable silk/cotton blend (  I omitted interfacing and interlined throughout with silk organza. The lining is bemburg, attached...

recent comments

Re: pretty silk blouse

This is beautifully done, and nicely draped across the bust. I bet a beaded tie around place at a high (empire-level} waist would be a nice variation on this.

Re: Washed Lavender Organza Dress

my hat is off to anybody who can make organza behave! nice work.

Re: First granddaughter's wedding dress

this is lovely, made more so becasue it was sewn with love. the embellishment is really fine work. You should be very proud - and your grand-daughter is a lucky girl!

Re: Emaual Ungaro Teal Velvet jacket

This is lovely -- very nice drape on the "peplum" at the bottom. Nice curves are hard to achieve on napped fabric, when princess seams are to awkward to help out. impressive.

Re: Silk Christening Outfits for Twins

these outfits are beautiful, and have the added "heirloom benefit" of being made from 'mommy's" wedding dress. What a lovely gift, executed with precision in a fabric that i personally find hard to work with.