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Re: Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

Just saw a post about a book club. I will recommend to my niece who belongs to a book club and she has begun sewing! Sewing and reading have made us more like friends as we have both gotten older.

Re: Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

An easy way for us all to read them is to go to our public library and see if they have them. If not, then request that they purchase or request on interlibrary loan. We get the books, the authors make sales, and I might win a signed copy!

Neosha, a now retired (for 15 days) librarian!

Re: McCall's latest collection

I agree, sleeveless, low necklines, tight fits, fitted, just don't do it for me. I keep my old patterns that I like so well and now that I am larger, adjust them when I can. And yes, all of the models are young and a size 4 (even thought the patterns often start at 6)!

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: Quilt Your Stash!

I had to buy two dressers (a 5 drawer chest and 6 -drawer lower one) to hold much of my stash plus plastic boxes with special groupings. I keep it minimized by helping students in the Fashion Design program. Each year at least one gets to go 'shopping' at Neosha's store! I love to see what they make from the fabrics I bought! Each season I try to use something in my stash.

Each month I get new ideas from our Bernina Club on how to use the stash and how to repurpose other fabric sources--ties, shirts, jeans, etc. In a sense all of the clothes and piece goods become the stash!

Re: Is There a Right Way to Iron a Garment?

When growing up, my mother had pants stretchers that she used for work pants. I need to see if I can find them now. They almost eliminated the need to press pants.

Shirts: yoke, sleeves, right front, left front, back and then the color. Use sizing. I enjoy ironing.

I iron our pillow cases. Had a friend whose mother had a magle iron and if I had room would love one for large flat linens.

Should have said with the stretcher, long rectangle of metal that can be stretched to fit pants leg at the crease. Then hang on the line to dry.

Re: Giveaway: SewStylish Spring 2012 Fashion Sewing Guide

Make It Your Way appeals to me the most. When I first started sewing I would purchase one Vogue pattern and make it as many ways as possible. I couldn't afford to buy more patterns. I still like to get one pattern to fit and then use time and again. It would be interesting to see how designers do this.

Re: Enter the Dare To Make It! Holiday Contest

I have made aprons, pillow cases (holiday themed) and Christmas stockings. The stockings are very easy to make. Use any design for a stocking including the header that folds over. Put two pieces of fabric wrong sides together and folded over to have 4 layers of fabric. Cut out stocking (I used pinked rotary cutter). cut 5 inch hanger attach hanger and sew around the stocking. Press, turn top out and the stocking is done. Have made 25 to use for gifts. How easy is that. Used lots of small pieces of fabric. how goood is that!

Re: Creating a Minifacing

Re: Creating a Minifacing

Silk Organza is wonderful for all sorts of things. I first saw this technique used by Charles Kleibacker at Ohio State University. He used silk organza for all sorts of stabilizing situations.

Re: When downsizing, consider a new home for your stash

I have given to the Textiles and Clothing Department of the university where I have been working at a given time. Three are always students who could use help with obtaining fabrics for clothing or textile testing and manipulating. Costume shops at universities can usually use it also.

Re: When downsizing, consider a new home for your stash

Re: Time to Sew for Halloween!

I am working on a jester's costume for the upcoming Elizabethan dinners. The old one was almost in shreds. Took it apart leaving half in place. pressed the parts flat and used as the pattern. Tunic and neckpiece are finished and quite nice. Working on the headpiece--down to sewing the last horn on by hand and then sewing the trim by hand! A friend who makes dolls is making a jester's head for the kabonger, the small head with costume used to bonk people on the head.

Then I can sew for myself!

Re: Project Runway 9: My Pet Project

Absolutely, the bird seed dress should have won! It was beautiful, well-constructed. Very elegant. Could be copied in beautiful fabrics.

I like Olivier's also. Very elegant but a little too big for slender models.

Re: A Pretty Blue Coat

It is very interesting to look at designer clothes and see what makes them worth the money. I bought a CK summer dress last year on sale for $30 (originally $136). Here are the things that made it $136 to start with. Beautiful heavy linen. Single needle double stitching on 10 long pleats from neck/shoulder to hip. hem line has a 5 inch double band sewn on again with single needle double stitching. lined. pockets on each side seam. Invisible zipper in side seam. Armhole facing sewn on the outside.
I am now trying to replicate these details in a summer dress I am making.

In the tailoring class I took years ago, after choosing a pattern, we had to go shopping and compare low, middle and high priced garments of a similar style. I tried to make my black wool suit as much like the Armani one I examined as I could.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Threads Sewing Guide"

My two loves are books and sewing. I am a librarian so I really appreciate the value of books in helping us to learn and to expand our creative abilities. I love sewing--anything! Making polishing cloths for my husband out of old t-shirts, creating Elizabethan gowns, giving away over 80 aprons I've made, sewing my own clothes. I learn new things and need refresher insturctions constantly. I bought my first sewing machine in summer 1968--a Singer Stylist. My first sewing book was a Talbot book from my mother. Another wonderful book would be great.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Designer Techniques"

Chanel, yes! I remeber reading that she said all clothes depend on the shoulders. She had special ways of reinforcing shoulders. I even reinforce shoulders on the many aprons that I make!

Re: Museum Exhibit: "His and Hers" at the Museum at FIT in New York City

In 1971 or 1972 I was the first woman faculty member at the University of New Mexico to wear a pants suit to work. The campus photographer came and took photos of me. It was a suit I made. black and white stripes of different widths going around the body (I was much thinner then). Wide-legs and long vest.

Re: Are you a Super Bowl widow?

Sounds like fun but actually, I'll be watching the game with one eye and doing something sewing related with the other. Love football.

Re: Book Giveaway: "1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips"

Just had to add two more.

Build in shape, eliminate bulk! From a sewing professor. I took tailoring from her a number of years ago and I still use that as my mantra for all types of sewing, not just tailoring.

Also, read the pattern instructions completely, sometimes several times and mark important instructions before even purchasing fabric and supplies.

Re: Book Giveaway: "1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips"

Re: Book Giveaway: "1,000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips"

One doesn't need to set aside hours to get sewing done. 10-20-30 minutes of sewing can allow one to accomplish a great deal. This came from a book by Nancy Zieman titled "10-20-30 minutes to sew." If one has the sewing organized, then in 10 minutes one can sew a number of seams, layout a pattern, thread and change the needle to get ready for a new project.

Re: More Vintage Inspiration

I had a dress almost exactly like this. It was a stronger rose color my mother made for me. I wore it as the attendant for my new sister-in-law when she and my brother married. I have so wished that I had all of those old Vogue patterns that my mother bought for me. I know enough now that I could make them fit the larger me.

Re: Add Your Input to the Sewing Group and Gathering List

I really enjoy our Bernina Club. Because I work during the day I go to the evening session and always take away some new technique or idea. I enjoy attending sewing or quilting expos. Though I sew mainly clothing, I am doing more of other things so these help expand my interests and skills. Print wise, I love Threads and read it from cover to cover including the ads!

Re: The Gift of Sewing

The best Christmas sewing present was a sewing basket when I was 10 years old. I still have it, 52 years later. My mother died in 2008, but I keep her photo and sewing basket right by my sewing machine.

Re: As a sewist, what are you most thankful for?

Several things. One is a husband who is very supportive and thinks that a sewer like a person who does handyman type work must have the right tools for the job! I love all of my different feet and he does also!

My interest in sewing from my mother and grandmothers.

My wonderful Bernina sewing machines, especially the 830 which was invaluable as I was making an Elizabethan costume and needed all of the lights and arm space.

All of my sewing friends near and far!