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Re: Book Giveaway: Stitch-Opedia

Me me me, please! I'd love to have this book!

Re: Flamenco Rose Jacket and Purse

This is just beautiful!

Re: Help us Choose the Next Cover of Threads Magazine


Re: Help us Choose the Next Cover of Threads Magazine

Ok, I guess I am the odd one. I like #2 best because it is colorful despite the fact that the main topic is purses. Those that know Threads magazine will buy the magazine regarless of the cover. If you want to attract new readers then #2 is your cover. :)

Re: Project Runway -- Welcome to the Circus

I don't know about anyone else, but I for one have found this season a total yawn and lacking in color. The judges, I believe, have lost their job description and are more interested in sound bites then in fashion design. Maybe it all has to do with the "runway" rather then fashion?

I wish there were more sewing room shots with more of the designer's thought process into their design and fabric choices (while off the runway). Maybe in a video blog? I am less interested in their desire to win or who they don't get along with. I guess it's all about ratings and less to do about actual fashion design.

I did like Emilio's gown.

Re: Spring Cleaning for Your Fabric Stash

Now that I have the sewing bug again, I have been buying fabrics I like when on sale. I now have a little stash and have been thinkin that I might buy some skirt hangers and hang the fabric in the closet of my sewing/guest room.

Re: Understanding Underlining

I am looking for a cool breathable lining to use for my garments. Any fabric suggestions?

Re: Vote for the winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge

I like the Sassy Stripes dress the best!

Re: Spring Sewing Projects - What Do You Plan to Sew?

I like the suggestion about "one seam a night"! Maybe this will help me get a system going. I love picking out patterns and finding fabrics but having a difficult time managing time to get started. I have a few projects lined up and want to finish before the season turns to winter again. :)

Re: Project Runway - Sew Much Pressure

I loved both Anthony's and Emilio's gowns but I was sorry to see Jonathan go. Anthony's dresses are beautiful but now sure if he is ready for a fashion show. I love the color blocking that Mila does but she does not show much variation in her work. I think the top three should be Jay, Emilio and Seth Aaron. I see Emilio winning in the end....but we shal see.