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Bion, FR

My initiation with sewing started at school with either a treadle or manual sewing machine and I loved it. I learnt the basics principles of dressmaking and it inspired me to make shirts for my boys when they were small and dresses and costumes for dancing for my daughter when she was young. I made some clothes for myself as a younger woman but have not sewed for many years and alas my shape has changed in various places!! Now that I have retired, I really want to get back to sewing because fit of the ready to wear designs in the shops are appalling for my age group as designers do not take into consideration the inevitable changes of womens bodies as they become older. Therefore, I need to catch up and practice on basic techniques and progress from there.

craft interests: sewing, Reading, social history, art-deco design

Member Since: 05/27/2009

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Re: Sew Simple

I echo quiltingfinn's comments entirely. I love tese designs and I love this idea of simple and easy to make garments using uncomplicated techniquies that are suitable for beginners. Starting off sewing like this will give the budding enthusiast the confidence to try another & another..... Voila a seamstress in the making! My adult daughter has suddenly developed an interest in dressmaking/sewing and the concept of this range fits the bill for giving her encouragement to try other things. However. Guess what?? These patterns appear to be in Misses sizes!!??!! Grrrrrr. I despair, I really do. What are teens/young women that have larger sizes in various places, to do? How do teachers overcome this kind of problem? Surely THREADS can start a campaigne to lobby pattern manufacturers for more Plus sizes with styles across the age range? When are manufacturers going to wake up?? There is huge potential for the Plus size market. More and more girls/women are soooo fed up with skinny minny sizes in clothes shops. More & more women are turning/revisiting sewing because they cannot find anything that fits or suits them. There is such a humungous market that is ripe for the pickings. But is there a company that has forethought & innovation to tap into this potential. At the moment I think not.

Re: Sewing the Facing Gusset for the Fantasy Fur Jacket

Kenneth, your skills are awesome. I love your creativity, your designs, your techniques and generousity to share your knowledge.
You're ablity to see how to solve a problem and translate into practical application is truly marvelous. You are so talented and lucky.
Not sure that I could ever attain your level of perception & skill but you are an inspriation to keep trying.
Bless you and warmest wishes from one of your biggest fans!

Re: Video: How a Stitch is Made

The "Teach Yourself Sewing" series is a revelation and definately not just for biginners! It is said that a person never stop learning! I was atonshied and amazed at how much I learnt about the very basics of sewing that have been improved upon over the years. Even new tools of the trade, that I never knew existed, that are truly more efficent and very well designed to make sewing easier to do and more pleasureable to use.

The presenters: their style and manner is really professional, simple to understand, practical and encouraging. It was sooo exciting to think that there is more to come. I am really looking forward to watching the videos.

I have a lot more catching up to do starting with making myself some ironing hams and giving my husband a pattern the wooden ironing board for different shapes so that he can make me one - does it have a name?

Re: Mystery Sewing Machine Foot

Wow such a lot of sleuths out there - people just love to solve a mystery don't they?

I have a Riccar 9900 which is over 30 years old. One of the new generation machines at the time which integrated zig-zag stitch without the necessity of manually changing cams! It came with a superb variety of extra changeable feet one of which look remarkably like the photographs above. Here is what the manual says about the Riccar version of a similar foot:

"Walking Foot Eliminates Slipping"

"Some kinds of cloth, when sewn under an ordinary presser foot, may slip and cause untidy wrinkles or faulty alignment of the two pieces of cloth.
Use a Walking Foot for leather, vinyl, plaids, chiffon, velvet and troublesome or slippery fabrics."

I am wondering if my foot can also do the functions things that the other similar feet can do? What do other people think?

Has there been a definitive identification yet?

Re: How to Form Slotted Seams

I am a bit confused about Step 5 as the directions say to top stitch away from the basted seam. No problem with that, however, the picture shows that the wrong side seam edges finished with a zig-zag stitch. I assume that the next step (5a perhaps?) would be that after the right top stitching has been sewn and pressed then the seam edges are finished as the picture shows? For sure slotted seams can be incorporated into a lot of tailored it certainly give a very chic look and and perhaps for less formal styles maybe if the backing is a contrasting plain colour or patterned material.

Re: Chiffon Tunic Costume

This is a very inspiring, fluid design that I think can be used a standard to create other adaptions. Very clever.

Re: Yellow Knit Drape Blouse

Lovely flowing lines and looks so comfortable to wear.