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Brandywine, MD, US

craft interests: embroidery, quilting, sewing

Member Since: 02/14/2011

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Re: Change a Sleeve Pattern to Add a Quilted Cuff

Thank you so very much for such a wonderful article that really makes a plain jacket really special. You have shown me something really beautiful.
The best thing about it's not difficult. Thank you once again for everything.

Re: Bag Your Jacket Lining

I realize that this method has been around a long time, but, linings get the best of me and I been sewing most of my life. I hope someone included the "bagging method" in the "Teach to Sew" series of DVDs. Just one illustrated lesson in person would be worth the cost. I know my remarks are late, but would someone
please consider my request. Really, at this point, I think the ladies and gents would be thankful to receive any lesson that includes a human being not a drawing and wording. Please excuse me if I am speaking out of school. Thank you!!

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction"

I know you don't sell this book, but, I 'd like to find out where I could purchase this particular book. This book is WOW!! Thank you in advance.

Re: Book Giveaway: "The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction"

Good day! I find myself in an unique position. Fifteen years ago (15) my dear husband came home to announce that we had to move because of his job. So, the only person available to pack up our place was yours truly. It took me 2 years, to pack including my sewing machines and sewing things, but, I finally finished. I'm still waiting to unpack all of the sewing things. Since then, of course, sewing accessories have gone way up in price and book prices are out of this world. Back then I was a different person, but, I've used a lot of patience and as I pass the boxes, I dream of the day when I can start sewing again. So, along the way, I feel that I've been left behind.

A book like this would really brighten my spirits. Thank you in advance whether I'm chosen or not.

Re: I Feel Pretty, Oh, So Pretty!

Absolutely Fabulous!

Re: Vintage Table Linen is given a new life......

One word "Beautiful." Keep doing such lovely work.

Re: Wall of Threads

Great way to keep your thread cones dust free and organized. Where exactly did you find this wonderful organizer? I want to do the very same thing in my sewing room. If anyone else has any great ideas about how they organized anything in their sewing space, please let me knw.

Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Industry Insider Techniques with Louise Cutting Volumes 1-4

When I think of Ms. Louise Cutting, I think of sewing poetic genius. This young lady makes even the most difficult reasoning of sewing anything and I mean anything from wool to silk and everything in between using techniques that I wouldn't put together. It's been ten years since I've sewn anything and I know Ms. Cutting's help would be greatly needed and appreciated by myself.

I've had the distinct pleasure of snooping (using one of her phrases) her first DVD. Slow down, I've watched her presentations here on the Threads website. I happen to truly love Threads Magazine and I've joined "Threads Insider." Now, that's where I found Louise and her wisdom and knowledge. I would feel very blessed to receive Ms. Cutting's wonderful DVDs. She has a great way of looking at garments from the inside first.

Re: New Designer Patterns

I have sewn Vogue Patterns practically since I first started sewing. In my younger years, I always identified with the more sophisticated garments. Now, that I am much older, designers such as Claire Schaffer and Kay Unger and some others that are among the ones of yesteryear are still my favorites. There is a Spring 2012 design by Donna Karan that brings me back to 30 years ago when I made a dress very similar to that, except the older design had long sleeves. The new dress design is Vogue #1287. Even though they seem to be very much alike, I believe there are some differences and therefore, I have Vogue #1287 on my wish list. I know that designers change things to identify with younger clientele. All of that is well and good. The only thing that I can say is, please don't forget those of us that have been buying and sewing for decades, we are still alive and well.

Re: An Ice Blue French Jacket

The suit looks great and the lining is a beautiful surprise. Please try another in a fall color and submit that one. You look like a breath of spring air. Congratulations.


Your daughter looks like she could have been the "best" dressed at the prom. I say "best" dressed, because mom put the time and effort into creating this beautiful dress for her. Mom, be thankful that Threads Magazine is the very best there is offered for other occasions, but especially for your little girl's prom dress. She looks absolutely stunning. Congratulations to both of you and I hope your daughter enjoyed herself. There isn't any dress off the rack that can look the same as what mom's hard work produced.

Re: Ladies Who Lunch

FABULOUS!!! Some girls have all the fun.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty"

Alexander McQueen (Lee to friends & family) was such a gifted man that turned beautiful fabric into gorgeous "wearable art." His presentations were jaw dropping each and every time.

In this life some people just can't get through the loss of a person very so near and dear to their hearts, Lee was this type of person. His mother was his muse from when he was a "different boy" who endured bullying, but, his mum was always his refuge, and when she left this world, he did not feel that life was worth living. So sad.

That is why this publication about such a gifted individual is worth more than the dollars or Euros posted on the cover. I would love to be awarded this tome that contains so many of Lee's wonderful designs and the words that match up with the creation of his beautiful "line" season after season.

Re: How to Make a Lovely Pleated-Ribbon Trim

Absolutely stunning and seems easy to achieve. Thank you Mr. King,
once again you have shown people how to make something beautiful.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty"

The New York Times says "this book has McQueen's greatest designs within it's pages". Wow!! Please allow me to become the "one" who gets to devour each photo and word written about this great and talented human being who had a creative life that he cut short because he missed his mum.

I would be delighted to become the owner of a great book about a great man.

Re: The Stripe in the Jacket - Mc Call 6294

Absolutely Beautiful and breathtakingly Gorgeous!!!!! You sewed that one right out of the park. I know you turned heads with this.

Re: Use Stripes to Create a Mitered Design

Although I'm a day late in giving my comment, and I do apologize for that, but, here goes. Ms. Neukam, you are a gem. The knowledge that you give the readers is nothing to be taken lightly. I'm glad I subscribe to the magazine. I just wish that I had you beside me in the middle of the night when I do my creative work to guide me along the humps and bumps that we all have from time to time. Thank you for making just one more thing that seems so hard and you make it so very easy. Keep guiding us along.

Re: Creating Perfect Bias Fabric Loops

This is a fantastic way to make loops that are the same size and look really beautiful. Thanks for this project. Things like this never get old. Thanks again.

Re: The New

I recently paid for the new "Threads Insider" and feel it was well worth my money. Thank you to all of the people behind the scenes who work so hard to bring Threads Insider to the fore front. Now, the new "Threads" is the newest member of the Threads Family. Thanks again to every contributor. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Re: Remembering Lois Ericson

What can one say about the loss of a genius? I met Lois Ericson at one of her classes given many years ago. I had heard about Lois and was very enthusiastic about her class. As I sat quietly drinking in every word that left her lips, I was truly amazed. I was further amazed when she had the "show and tell" segment of her class. The way Lois created a garment was phenonmenable and when she asked me to model a couple of outfits, I told Lois that I was afraid that I might wrinkle something, but, she said "oh, go ahead and try it on."

I was stunned when she mentioned to the class that she thought what I was wearing was sensational. A word like that coming from someone of such great statue in the sewing community was something that I'll never forget.

We were the last ones left in the classroom that evening, so, I asked if I could help her pack up everything before leaving. She said sure. We got to talking about so many things. She told me about her daughter, Diane and how proud of her that she was. She even took the time to meet my husband that waiting for me in the parking lot.

We started to correspond and I quickly paid for each year that she published, "The Rag." We corresponded through snail mail and then e-mail. Lois had a wonderful handwriting. I also purchased most of her patterns and have each of her books and right now I'm glad that I do.

Lois is someone that will always be in my thoughts and each time I go back through her books, or copies of "The Rag" I'm sure I'll pick up another nugget of creative wisdom. She was humble and brilliant and she will be sorely missed.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue #159, March 2012

This issue is a must read. I don't believe there's a woman who hasn't had a problem with her bra fitting just right. So, couture and a wonderful bra that actually fits, BRAVO. Also, getting a look at all those wonderful new sewing/embroidery machines that cost almost as much as my first home. We can get a good look and dream about actually owning one. (Dream, dream) Thanks to the tireless staff who work many hours to bring us just what we need and the timing is always right!! Thanks again.

Re: Video: How to Embellish with Studs and Rhinestones 101

I agree with the previous comment. There have been several embellishment applicators sold in the last few years and I too have wondered, "does it really do what it's suppose to do?" Now, because Judith has taken the time to give us a wonderful demo of two ways to bring a little flash to our garments, well, thank you so very much, Judith. You are truly a wonderful "sewing angel."

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: SewStylish Fall Fashion

The magazine looks great! I love bright colors and with Fall I think of gold with orange running through it. I believe that when the leaves start turning gold and orange with some brown and yellow, that is a time to mimic those colors. The heat indexes will be gone and the breezes will be cooler. Now is the time to finish those fall outfits and especially a coat of many golden and orange colors. I'm thinking of putting a brown bag with this outfit to represent the bark on those beautiful trees. Many people travel many miles just to see the foliage. Why, because that's nature's beauty. I can't wait for the "heat indexes" to be a part of the past.

Re: Pintuck a Ruffle

Congratulations to Mary. While the rest of us look on, please continue to give us more creative ideas. Mary, you plant your ideas and hopefully the rest of us will help our own to grow. This skirt is really beautiful. I have something in mind that I think I'm going to make. Ideas are like flowers, you plant them, nourish them and watch them grow into something really beautiful. Congratulations once again, Mary. You did a wonderful job.

Re: Batik baby pleated dress with fabric flowers

Your design is lovely and the choice of the batik fabric and the contrasting fabric for pleating and the flowers is just beautiful. May you design and make more of these bags. Thanks so very much for giving me some more inspiration.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Girl's World" by Jennifer Paganelli

Inspiration is something that we never know where it's going to come from. It's all around us every day. Nature, people, animals, etc. I have 2 granddaughters, one that I made some outfits for school and the other I'm still trying to figure out what she considers "cool." She just says when she sees me dressed up that I am "rocking it." I believe that's a good thing. My older granddaughter recently told me that she has always loved the fact that I embroidered a design with her name in her outfits. She said it made her feel so very special. I believe that this book that is geared for girls would be a wonderful gift and also give both of them inspiration too, as well as myself.

Let us all try to remember what gave us that first inspiration that made us think. Gee, I've got to learn how to sew and create too.