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Re: Decoupage Ideas Using Sewing Patterns

Heidi Elnora, the Designer I work for used old patterns in her shop decore. Her shop; which is a renovated old house had a full wall window in her office which was too public so she covered it with the patterns,laping them over each other it was great it let in the light but kept the view private. Her shop is in Birmingham and unfortunately the 2011 Tuscaloosa tornado took out that wall- It has been replaced with a solid wall.

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

I make gown patterns and coutour wedding gowns for a designer in Birmingham, AL. have made one of these for my niece it did great for her prom dress. She has already outgrown it. But is good to use for draping. I have all the sizes of the My Double Forms and a Wolf form-problem is all the busts on the forms are too low for most of the people I have fitted. So I have several padded bras cheap ones. I cut the cups loose and pin them to the form using the nip to nip across measurement and nip around neck to nip measurements and stuff them with a little batting and they fit much better. Don't know why the form companies make the busts so high but seems the women today all have lower busts. I also have the Uniquely you dress form but I don't really like it.