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Re: High Fashion and Haute Couture in the Windy City

Grounded in the past; active in the present; planning for the future:

At one time full membership in the Haute Couture Club of Chicago was restricted to those whose work demonstrated rigorous standards of excellence. The standards were set by Helen Barker, whose students were the charter members of the club. Today there is no such requirement for membership--no one has to present a tailored jacket for judgment. Each year the club sponsors workshops that employ some of the finest sewing teachers in the country. For example, one of the programs for the 2010-11 year was a 2-day workshop on the sheath dress taught by Helen Haughey.

The leadership of the Haute Couture club recognizes that there is a hunger among many sewists to reach the highest levels of sewing artistry. To this end, the club is in the process of developing a rigorous certification program. Those who obtain the cetification will have produced a garment that would pass muster under the critical eyes of Helen Barker herself.

Just to clarify--I am a member of the Club, and leave every meeting inspired. I was pleased to invite several sewing friends from around the country (and Canada!) to be my guests at the fashion show, knowing full well that the garments that graced the runway met very high standards.

Re: High Fashion and Haute Couture in the Windy City

I do know how to spell expectations!

Re: High Fashion and Haute Couture in the Windy City

If one wants information on the club the leadership can be contacted directly:

The current members/officers will be more than happy to share the history, philosophy and mission of the organization. If you are in the Chicago area I urge you to attend a meeting to see if the club serves your sewing goals and meets your expecttions.

Re: Online Shopping and Resource Guide

One other:

Re: Online Shopping and Resource Guide

Two that should be added to online fabric stores:

Have had excellent experiences with both!

Re: High Fashion and Haute Couture in the Windy City

Great pictures--thanks, Ann. One of the members of the show has had her garments featured in Threads numerous times: Eve Kovacs. Other members have written article for Threads--most recently Rhonda Buss--she of the woven ribbon skirt. Attending the monthly meetings is truly inspiring!