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Carol Lawrence, Minden, NV, US

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, holidays, sewing

Gender: Female

Birthday: 10/26/1954

Member Since: 02/12/2009

recent comments

Re: How to Create Echo Stitching

As always Louise, you never disappoint, I have learned so many neat tricks, shortcuts and expertise from you and continue to do so. No matter how good one might think they are, under scrutiny their work is never as perfect as they think, as for LizKelley (who by the way is terrible at grammar and typing skills) and user-248785 if they're such perfectionist why are they even lurking on Threads, they already know it all and are perfect. For those of us that still want to learn new tricks you are so appreciated. I Look forward to many more videos, patterns, lessons, etc. from you, your always there when I need you - Thank you for being YOU!

Re: Black Sequin Dress - Angelina Jolie Inspired

Absolutely elegant! Angelina would be proud to wear your version. You should create and sew for the stars, you have a beautiful talent and should be proud.

Re: French Fashionistas

I can see why someone would snap photos, it's absolutely a piece of breathtaking art. Stunning!

Re: Comfortable felted slippers "Garfield the cat"

OMG, I am such a Garfield nut. Can you post how you made these from start to finish or do you do make to order? I absolutely LOVE these slipper/booties, they are molder perfectly and the felting of Garfield along with the paw prints is ingenious!

Carol Lawrence
Blaine, WA

Re: Cinderella

I agree that you should win, you did an astonishingly professional job, the dress looks like something out of a hollywood movie. Congratulations on such beautiful talented work of all 3. This is definitely your calling.

Carol lawrence
Blaine, WA

Re: Making Pretty Buttonholes

More great tips and advice from Louise, I wish you'd write a full book on sewing and professional looking results for the home sewer. Note: If you iron Fray Check while it's wet or damp it won't go stiff or hard, stays soft and pliable.