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Re: Zoe's Dedication Gown

AAAAHHHHHHHHH, this is MY kind of sewing!!! Just beautiful!!! The baby is beautiful as well....what a wonderful item to become an heirloom piece to hand down over the generations!
When I was working in corporate America, I would make the wedding gown for the bride, then when she had her first baby, I'd have her bring the gown back and would take it apart and used it to make a dedication set for the baby. The first one I made was for a friends' first grandchild; she brought me her mother's wedding gown, which I then used for the baby's outfit. I love all this lace and satin and silk...just beautiful.

Re: White China Coat

Simply beautiful!!!
I have 2 questions:
1. What is a Spanish Hem foot?
2. What are zig zag dots?

I've been sewing for a loooooong time, and I've never heard of either of these.

Thank you!

Re: Roy Denim: A small jeans factory with only one worker

$340 for a pair of jeans??!!! He's kidding, right?? Look, I'm all for entrepreneurship, and quality sewing, but this is a bit much.....especially in today's economy. It's plain to see that Roy's jeans would appeal ONLY to a very scarce audience. I'm really disappointed.

Re: An Exquisite Beaded Embroidery Sleeve

Call me weird, but those bullion stitches do it for me!!! Since I've recently started an embroidery project, this caught my interest. What an absolutely exquisite example of couture hand work!!! So beautiful it almost makes me cry!!!
I too, would love to know where it comes from and for what it was made??
Thank you so much for sharing this priceless find!!! Have you decided what you're going to do with it? Incorporate it into a formal garment, or.......???

Re: Drawstring Placement

I certainly wish you would have included a pic of the finished me lame, (I've been sewing for >40 yrs) but I am confused by the concept. Maybe it's the linguistics, and usage of the word "drawstring"...I dunno. How can a gathering contribute to the illusion of a waistline? I don't get it....

Re: Corsets from the Hardware Store!

Mr. King, I always marvel at the perfection of your sewing!!! I remember watching you many years ago on PBS in RI, maybe on Sewing with Nancy (?) and just soaking up the tips and methodology you showed us. I bought your book on shirtmaking, and again learned alot! I've been sewing over 40 years, and have to credit you with a lot of my skills!
This cumerbund is just beautiful, and every thread appears in place! I would expect nothing less from you! Great idea with the ties, too. I have the tendency to OVER order things, and when I was making Ren Faire fashions a few years ago, I think I ordered 10 miles of boning, but when I finally DO run out, I'll remember this tip.
Thank you for being so generous with your instructions, and having impeccable teaching as well as sewing skills!

Re: Project Runway 9: "All About Nina"

I agree with Karengass: this season's PR is blah. I found that the designers are mediocre at best, and not very interesting creations are coming from any of them. And what happened, I thought that PR had gone back to (was it) Bravo network?? Now they're back on Lifetime??? I don't know how to explain it, but the station seems to dictate the boredom factor for me.
And how can someone be a "designer" and not know how to sew? That's like being an Administrative Assistant not knowing how to answer the company phone, isn't it? Sheesh, what happened to this exciting, inspiring show? I'm so disappointed with it........

Re: Custom Pants Pattern Workshops at Your Request

BTW, the software only cost me about $30 maybe 10 years ago, so if you even triple that cost over the past decade, that's still only around $100 for perfectly fitting pants. I'm sorry, but $650 for a sewing seminar is a bit much. My advice would be to find someone in your local area that teaches sewing. I'm in Halifax, MA, and I've been trying to develop interest in sewing classes for several months.

Re: Custom Pants Pattern Workshops at Your Request

Some time ago, I bought software from a company whose name escapes me (Ginger something) to make tailor fitted pants for ANY size. All you do is take some measurements, plug them into the application, and tell it the style pants you want, and voila---it prints out your pattern. Best money I ever spent, and it really wasn't that expensive! I figure after about 3 pairs of perfectly made slacks, that the software had paid for itself. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I saw it in Threads Magazine, too. I've been a subscriber since 1988, and absolutely LOVE this magazine! I have all but about 10 copies since day one!

Re: Sewing with creative materials

I'm sorry, but the minute you said "clown hair", that told me all I needed to know. All I can think of it an obscure movie I saw with Robert Downey Jr., and Nicole Kidman, called "Fur".
Perhaps I'm aging, but I can't see any practical application of this project for the 'average' person. In the little suburban town that I live in, I'd be a spectacle in this completed garment.
That being said, I STILL admire your creativity and workmanship; over the years, I've learned a TON of information from you, and I truly do see your creative juices in this project, just not for me.

Re: How to find the correct sleeve length

It would have been extremely helpful to have included a picture of someone actually being measured to show where the tape measure was placed, etc.

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

My sister and I made one for me a couple of years ago. Since both of us could shed about 60 lbs. it turned into a laugh fest like no other. I discovered thru the process just how long I could hold my pee (from laughing so hard!!)
In any event, it was a success, and since I have a Best Form that I bought umpteen years ago, I mounted my double on that and secured it and stuffed it thoroughly. It was a RUDE awakening to really see 'me' and I have decided to keep a dress on it at all times!
As for the fitting aspects, it has helped tremendously. I don't actually pin anything to it, but rather work with the fabric and adjust and pin fit the garment. If I decided to pin directly to the dress form, in order to save my good 2" pins, I would buy some T pins from a local craft store, and use those since duct tape really does gunk up needles.
I've sewn for over 40 years, and never really realized that I fitted the garments for everyone else, but not myself. This really has made a great difference, and it really worth the effort to make......just make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE you start your project! :o)

Re: Create an Illusion Mesh Edge

My initial comment out loud when I first saw this in the magazine was, "you've GOT to be kidding". This looks like a first sewing job by a 14 yr old. I would never use this technique.
After having sewn for over 45 years, I'm looking for a little more than using organza to finish a neckline. Now if they have covered this mess with a sparkly trim, perhaps I would have been interested in it.

Re: The Fortuny Shirt

What a beautiful finish! Kenneth, you have taught me so much over the really make things easy to learn, you show incredible detail, explain in clear, understandable terms, and do impeccable work! You have inspired me for 40+ years, and have given me the courage to attempt (and complete) some of the most complicated garments! Even when I was a teen-ager, I didn't hesitate to cut pattern pieces apart to make a totally different item than shown on the pattern envelope.
Thank you for teaching sewers how to do things right! Beautiful fabric, and beautiful job. You have an audience awaiting the other pieces you made from this beautiful textile!

Re: Video: How to Sew a Sleeve

Certia, I agree, this does seem to be a very tedious way to inset a sleeve, however, I think the slight puckers we see at the end of the video are due to the fact that the garment was not pressed at all. As sewers all know, probably one of the most important rules of thumb is to press after each step.
The one thing I noticed that I thought wasn't efficient was the fact that the rows of stitching for gathering were very far apart, and used large stitches. Before I got my fabulous Imagine serger, I used smaller stitches, and placed them a scant 1/8" apart, which I found offered me more control with the gatherings. Also, if you want a smooth insertion of a sleeve, use LOTS of pins. I pin a sleeve in at least once every inch.
As for which side up, I've done both, and found that I really have no preference.