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Member Since: 12/05/2010

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Re: Project Runway 9: "What Women Want"

Finally It's out the designers don't know how to sew for men.
I've been saying it since I started to sew its all about the women women women. What kind of designers don't know how to sew mens clothes? They should all be out.

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

Ya Ya Ya Where are the patterns for men?

Re: Meet Threads' Contributing Editor, Kenneth D. King

Where is anything for men. How about patterns for polo tops?

Re: Video: Patterns 101

Is there anything out there for MEN. I am trying to find a pattern for a popo/tennis top. I went to JO ANN's and in all the pattern books MC Calls ect not ONE pattern. Everything for men is shirts pants or jackets. I have been searching the web for mens free patterns to no avail. It seems that everything is for WOMEN Whats UP !!!!!