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Canberra, ACT, AU

Love to create projects using basic patterns and using imagination to embellish. Mostly interest in vintage, costume and millinery.

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, sewing, Millinery

Member Since: 07/06/2009

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My Creations! This is  only the one of the projects I have finished. To see some extra visit my blog above.  

Medieval angel tunic and accessories.

Hi, This is my first post on Threads forum. I have been a Threads fan for a long time. Apart from that, I like to particpate in costume events and this is one of my projects for the year. I orignally...

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Re: DVD GIVEAWAY: Threads Magazine Archive, 1985-2011

I think that having a DVD archive is so good. Imagine all the shelf space that would be saved in my tiny residence. I love Threads and always find some intriguing design features or technique that I've never seen before. Thanks for being such a great resource for a novice costumer.

Re: Online Shopping and Resource Guide

Where can I buy a roll of professional transfer paper for copying sewing patterns onto fabric? I would need the supplier to ship to Australia.

I can only get small squares of Charcopy by clover. I would love something bigger to work with.



Re: Beautiful Bobbin Lace Hats

I make bobbin lace. Though just small lengths of lace for costume pieces. Daniela must have garnered lots of patience in making her lace hat by hand. Good on you for giving this art a new lease of life.

Bobbin lace gave me the patience to sew large projects.

Re: MAGAZINE AND DVD GIVEAWAY: "Teach Yourself to Sew"

I have always loved Threads. It is the only sewing magazine I now buy. It puts the local offerings to shame. It has articles for the sewer of every skill level. I especially love the pattern review section. It helps me decide to see what the trends are for the next season. Even though the season may be 6 months ahead!

Re: Medieval angel tunic and accessories.

I think you have more choice as far as millinery suppliers go. Australia has only a few suppliers and not as much choice and you may have.

I am going to a millinery workshop for a whole week in the new year. It will be exciting to learn some new techniques in felt and sinamay. I have a hat block and mold so it will be interesting to work with them for the first time.

I like to make hats for my costumes because that gives the finishing touch. Whether it's medieval, renaissance, victorian or 1940's. The costume will need a hat to make it look authentic.

Currently I am making bobbin lace in an elizabethan style braid edging. It takes a long time to make and I have 1 1/2 mtrs more to do. It will go on a elizabethan smock that has black work cuffs and collar.

As far as a millinery supplier for you have a look at or search for JudithM Millinery Supplies. I don't usually buy overseas if I can help it but I know hat supply is a good store to start with.

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By for now Rosie_stuffnsew