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I've always loved sewing and other crafts (although I'm not fond of cooking). I used to frequent sci-fi conventions and medieval events, and often made my own costumes. College interfered with that sort of fun, and I put the sewing away for several years, until after I moved to England as a newlywed. After 8 years in the UK, we moved back to the States, but my sewing machine stayed locked away in storage for nearly 3 years. When our oldest daughter announced her engagement, I decided to make an outfit to wear to the wedding. I retrieved the sewing machine, along with some fabric and other supplies, and quickly rediscovered how much I enjoy making "stuff." Having a day job interferes with my addiction, but I do manage to make something just about every week. My current obsession is making handbags - all sorts of handbags!

craft interests: embroidery, fashion, quilting, restyle, sewing

Member Since: 07/06/2010

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Adorable Drawstring Bag

I made another drawstring bag, following the directions here with a few changes; this one was a “commission” piece for a friend, who provided me with both the main fabric and the...

Pretty Little Drawstring Bag

I found some instructions on the Threads website here (see this page for instructions) for an adorable drawstring bag. I am trying to be both thrifty and environmentally aware, and I...

recent comments

Re: Old skirt meets old jeans.

Very cool idea! I'll remember this for the future... :)

Re: Pretty Little Drawstring Bag

Thanks, GTD! :)

Re: Create Intricate Fabric With Pin Weaving

Love this idea! I used to weave (and spin and dye), so this is a wonderful way to renew that old "friendship" with yarns and weaving. Thanks for this!

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

@ craes: Not knowing your learning style, I can only make some suggestions. Try the "fundamentals" section above (on the right menu). There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands?) of websites that teach basic sewing skills. Also videos on YouTube. Your local 4H or night school may have a beginners course. Or your local fabric shop.

Re: How to make a Chrysanthemum flower

@ J_cat: If you're using Firefox, that's the problem. Try a different browser (just about any other browser will do). HTH!

Re: Counterpoints Jacket (Collage It! Template Set 2)

Wow! Love this jacket! I love the angles, the colors, and the beadwork is wonderful!

Re: Circular Ribbon Flower Redux

@ waikanapu: Yes, it's likely a Firefox issue. Try another browser (just about any other one will do), and see if that fixes it.

Re: Make a Drawstring Bag

I love this little bag! I made something similar, with a few alterations because I don't have any Chinese Brocade. Still, it turned out lovely, and I plan to make more of these.