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Re: Sewing In a Zipper

I have made a zippered dress where the bodice was lined. I've only done it once but if my memory serves me correctly, you baste the zipper to the dress first and then with the zipper sandwiched in the middle you stitch the dress & lining together. I'm probably not explaining it well, but the pattern I used was Simplicity 2401. Hope that helps.

Re: Bad Sewing Habits

My biggest problem is that my sewing room is small and I wish I had more space. My 2nd biggest problem is that I have somewhat of an addictive personality. I hoard fabric and patterns - more than I have enough time to sew.

However I have to keep my space organized or else it's stressful for me and I won't go in there. I keep my fabrics folded in a bookshelf. It's pretty easy to find what I want since the front is open.

I try to keep my workspaces free from clutter. I have a basket underneath my cutting table for scraps/remnants and a trash can right next to the table for pieces too small to hold on to. (I'm pretty anal about straightening up as I go along. I repurposed a vase left over from my wedding to keep all of my shears, rotary blades, turning/marking tools, etc. I keep that in the corner of my cutting table.

One of my favorite things is the wall over the cutting table. I found that I was constantly frustrated trying to keep the layout instructions within reach but at the same time out of the way when cutting out a pattern. My solution was to make a magnetic wall using a magnetic primer. I then painted over it with white paint.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: "Quick Stuff to Sew"

Last year I made purses for the women in my family & my close friends. They were a big hit. I'll probably do purses again this year but obviously I'm looking for a different pattern this time. And something that sews up fairly quickly.

Re: Chic Designer Patterns

@JustBeginning, Vogue lists 1233 as being "Average" in difficulty. If you go to the website all of the patterns have a rating and they have a description of the skills required. They also have a collection of Very Easy patterns which might be a good place to start. Although this one doesn't look overly complicated.

Re: Make a Bow With Tails - To Trim a Hat or Embellish a Garment

PeechyMe I'm guessing they meant one and a half inches. They just put the dash in the wrong place.

Re: What sewing topics would you like to read about in Threads?

I am a beginner sewer. I would like to see tips/tricks on working with difficult fabrics such as silk/satin and stretchy fabrics. I've seen some talk of using stabilizers but more detailed info would certainly be helpful.

Information on alterations would be great. I have a hard time finding ready to wear clothes and have often spent more on alterations than on the actual garments themselves. It kinda sucks the fun out of finding a great skirt suit for $40 if you have to turn around and spend $70 on alterations.

Turning & pressing seams is a sore spot for me. May be due to inexperience but some tips/techniques on how to get really good/clean finishes would be nice to see. I recall that there's a segment on pressing in the Teach Yourself to Sew series but I don't recall having seen much on pressing after turning the project right sides out.