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Rhonda Buss, Chicago, IL, US

craft interests: fashion, knitting, restyle, sewing

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/18/2017

Member Since: 12/29/2011

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The Sweeping Rectangles Skirt

An easy skirt made from rectangles. You can find the tutorial here,

The Sweeping Rectangles Tee

Start with a basic t-shirt pattern, add 2 rectangles for a top that has lots of movement and is easy and comfortable to wear. You can find the tutorial...

The Zlata Skirt From Stepalica Patterns

For this week's Sewing Indie Month Pattern Hacking entry, I made the Zlata Skirt from Stepalica Patterns. The instructions say that it isn't suitable for stripes, but with a little manipulation...

The Square Shoulder Sleeve In Stripes

Draft a square shoulder sleeve and make it really pop with stripes! You can see the full post here, 

All Tied Up In A "T" Dress

A simple to draft 't' shaped dress with casings and drawstrings added for shaping. You can see the full post here,

The Barrel Shaped Raglan Sleeve

This sleeve is drafted using a basic raglan sleeve. A portion of the shoulder dart is rotated into the lower section of the sleeve creating fullness. You can see the entire post here...

The Square Shoulder Raglan Sleeve

The square shoulder raglan sleeve gives emphasis to the garment while also giving the ease of setting in a raglan sleeve. The the entire post on how to draft this sleeve can be found...

The Migrating Geese Skirt

8 rectangular panels make up the skirt and 8 rectanular godets give it the swish! So easy to make.

The Poinsettia Napkin Ring

The poinsettia napkin ring adds a special touch to a holiday table and even looks lovely as a wreath.

The Clam Shell Wristlet

A wonderful little bag for any special occasion. You can find a link to the downloadable pattern here, Happy Holidays!!!

The Bat-Wing Sleeve

The bat-wing sleeve offers a lovely underarm drape and it is very easy to draft. Find out how here,

Sham's Tablecloth skirt

A fabulous skirt made using a simple circular skirt formula and adding 4 rectangles to the bottom of the skirt. An easy to make, stylish skirt...

Drafting The Leg-O-Mutton Sleeve

Drafting the leg-o-mutton sleeve. You can see the post here,

The Prism Top

A top that is nothing more than a gathered triangle. You can see the post here,

It's a Skulotte!

A skirt with the ease of a culotte. See how to draft it here,

The Shirred Drawstring Sleeve

The shirred drawstring sleeve. Easy to draaft and gives a lovely, soft look to the sleeve. You can see the post here,

The Terraced Sleeve

A sleeve that adds fullness to the cap without adding gathers. It also gives you the opportunity to add interest with the style lines. You can see the post here...

Pleated Shoulder Sleeve

A lovely sleeve that is such fun to draft. You can find the post here,

Playing With Napkins Skirt

Your napkins are no longer safe in the drawer. Make a fun little summer skirt out of a set.

The Dressed Up Clothespin Bag

The cutest clothespin bag that I have ever seen. This design comes by way of Spain. You can see the post and find the instructions...

The Twisted Petal Sleeve

A traditional petal sleeve that extends from the underarm and forms a band. You can see the post here,

Channeling Wilma!!

A simple off the shoulder dress made from 2 rectangles. You can see the post here,

Taking Flight Skirt

A very easy skirt made from 4 rectangles. You can see the complete tutorial here,

The Gathered Camisole

This little camisole was made using vintage linens, but it could easily be replicated with a lovely cotton and rows of gathering stitches. You can see the post...

The Magic Rectangle Dress

This dress is so simple to make, just 2 rectangles. The gathering stitches make a faux cap sleeve. A perfect project for someone who is learning to sew. You can find the full post...

A Peg Skirt Tutorial

A lovely skirt that is easy to draft. You can see the post here,

The Yoking Butterflies Sleeve

A fun and flirty sleeve with a yoke. You can see the post and find the instructions here,

The Stylized Dolman Sleeve

The Stylized Dolman Sleeve is an easy sleeve to draft and great for color blocking. You can see how to draft the sleeve and the entire post here...

Kitty's Lunch/Makeup Bag

A wonderful bag with a plastic lining, perfect as a lunch bag or travel makeup bag. You can see the post here,

The Psychedelic Circle Sleeve

Take an ordinary stripe fabric and turn it into something out of this world!! You can see the post here,

The Faux Ruffled Tiered Skirt

Tiers of faux ruffles make this simple skirt constructed just from rectangles a must notice skirt. You can see the post here...

The Haute Hippie Sleeve

The Haute Hippie Sleeve. An easy detail that really sets your sleeves apart!

The Skeleton Sleeve

An easy treatment that shows off a contrasting fabric in an interesting way.

Paco Peralta's Treky Dress

I just finished Paco Peralta's Treky Dress pattern. What a lovely pattern. You can see my post here,

Kissed By the Wild Vest

A wild little vest made from 4 rectangles. You can see the post here,

The Flipped Over Draped Vest

An easy vest made from two rectangles, a casing and three drawstrings. You can see the post here,

A Rag Bin Sweat Shirt Becomes a Skirt

A sweat shirt destined for the rag bin is given new life as a cute little skirt. You can see the post here,

Hanging On A Cliff, A Draped Dress

A rather dramatic draped dress made from 5 rectangles. You can see the post here,

Watch Me As I Walk Away

An interesting sleeve with all the design detail in the back. You can see the post here,

The Pleated Epaulet Sleeve

A wonderful sleeve that gives a tailored look to a garment, The Pleated Epaulet Sleeve. You can see the drafting instructions here,,  

Rectangles On A Cloud Skirt

A simple skirt made from two rectangles, but one has legs!! You can see the post here,

The Rolling Rectangle Top

A fun top made from a simple rectangle shape and then turned on its side. You can see the post here,  

Caught In A Wave

A simple little dress made from two half circles. You can see the post here,

The Perfect Travel Dress

The perfect travel dress. It's a dress, it's a top, it's sexy and it's not! You can see how to make this dress here,

Circled In Stripes

A night at the opera in a striped dress. The boice is cut with a princess line seam and the skirt is a basic half circle skirt. You can see the full post here...

The Geometric Dreams Jacket

A very easy jacket made from one rectangle, one half circle and one triangle. You can see the post here,

Create An Easy Faux Band For Your Knitted Garments

Create an easy band for the hem of your knitted garments.

Sassy Sock Slippers

No reason to spend a fortune for sock slippers. See the directions and get the link to the free pattern here,

The Paper Bag Jacket

My favorite piece in my entire wardrobe! Very easy to make, basically a big rectangle. Very versitle as well. Turn the jacket upside down and you have a totally different look. You can see the post...

The Great Cover Up

An easy draped jacket made from one large rectangle. You can see the post and other pictures here,

The Imelda Sleeve

This sleeve is a traditional sleeve used in Philippine dresses, made popular by Imelda Marcos. Great for a bridal sleeve as well. You can see the post here...

Sewaholic's New Alma Blouse

I had the opportunity to test the new Alma Blouse from Sewaholic Patterns. It's a great pattern, very versitle. All the necklines and sleeve versions are interchangeable. You can see my post about...

The Drop Shoulder Sleeve

The Drop Shoulder Sleeve lends itself to many design possibilities. You can see the post here,

The Cowl Sleeve

A lovely and graceful sleeve, The Cowl Sleeve. So easy to draft. Perfect for t-shirts to evening gowns. You can see the post here,

The Cape Sleeve

A very easy tutorial on how to draft a very feminine sleeve, perfect for the warm summer days. You can see the post here,

The Darted Wrist Sleeve

The elbow dart is rotated to the wrist and a pleat is added at the shoulder. Very easy to do. You can see the post here,

Fun On The Greens

A fun little outfit for summer. The fabric was purchased at Joann's, coordinating cotton prints. I had a great time playing around with the prints. You can see the full post...

Wrap Your Arms Around Me Top

Wrap Your Arms Around Me, A very easy top made from four rectangles You can see the post here,

The Eight Gore Skirt With Pockets and a Raised Waistline

The eight gore skirt is a very easy skirt to draft. All you need is your waist, hip and length measurements. So many additions can be made like pockets and a raised waistline. You can see the post...

Peg Skirt and Motor City Blouse

Finally wore the peg skirt I drafted a couple of months ago. You can see the post and the tutorial here,

Ladies Who Lunch

An easy bag made from one rectangular placemat. The principles will work for any rectangular placemat. You can see the post here...

The Shirred Wrist Sleeve

A wonderful detail that gives interest to the sleeve. You can see the entire post here,

Dashiki Easy

This week's Fabulous Free Pattern Friday is about the Dashiki. It's so easy to turn this beautiful piece of fabric into an easy to make, great looking top. You can see the full post...

The Draped Cowl Sleeve

Instructions on how to make this sleeve can be found here, Each week a new sleeve drafting tutorial is added.

The Easy Breezy Top

This week's Fabulous Free Pattern Friday post is a super simple top made from 3 rectangles. You can see the post here,

The Kimono Bag

An easy little bag made from one rectangular piece of fabric. You can see the entire tutorial here, This is part of a wekly...

An Ice Blue French Jacket

Last summer I took the French jacket class with Susan Khalje. The jacket was not completed in the class. I intended to come home and finish it right away, but it stayed in the bag waiting for me for...

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Re: Pleated Shoulder Sleeve

Thanks Cennetta :-)

Re: The Magic Rectangle Dress

Oh, I am so happy!!! You have just made my day Sian!

Re: I Feel Pretty, Oh, So Pretty!

I've seen this jacket before!! Looks wonderful.

Re: Vintage Table Linen is given a new life......

These are so incredibly pretty!!

Re: Lacey scalloped hem shorts with vintage scrap fabric

Love these!

Re: Bias Strip Insertion

Such a lovely treatment. The blouse really pops.

Re: An Ice Blue French Jacket

Thank you. I have one on my table now. It will be a longer version in cream and black.

Re: Shrink plastic sewing pendant

What a fun idea.

Re: "Post Time" Bag

Lovely bag.