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Re: Non-sewer Dad Promises to Make His Daughter's Wedding Gown

Bravo Dad!! I think he should be the official Father of the Year! What a commitment and labor of l♥ve. What lucky daughters

Re: Look ahead to spring

LOVE 1919's ruffled jacket!! Awesome♥♥

Re: Project Runway All Stars: "Clothes Off Your Back"

Although I do love Mondo, his outfit looked straight out of the movie "Pretty Woman." His would be something one of the hookers were wearing :(

In my opinion, Jerell's outfit was the worst.

Anthony actually made an outfit that could be worn in public.

Why aren't Laura Bennett & Kato on the All Stars???

Re: How to Use Pins the Right Way

Do you remember the pin sharpening little strawberry attached to the tomato pin cushions? Is there a way to make one at home? When I've tried to buy a new one, but they are stuffing the berry with fluff and cannot be used to sharpen pins. I read somewhere that you can use steel wool as a filler. Would this work? Thank you!

Re: Giveaway: SewStylish Spring 2012 Fashion Sewing Guide

Sounds like an awesome issue! Hard to decide on just ONE article... But at last, I would have to choose "make it your way." I would love to see three interpretations of the same item. Can't wait to see the results!!

Re: Project Runway, Season 8, Episode 11 Recap

Actually, I think Mondo should have won. I liked Andy's color blocked pieces, but that one dress looked like a vampire costume. And Gretchen has sent that crop top outfit down the runway before.

Having said that. I CANNOT believe Heidi is putting her name on that oversized, stretched-out, worn-out, thrift-store looking line! (I'm talking about the pieces she originally showed the designers.) I am totally dumbfounded!

I believe even the designers on the show must have thought the same thing because they all were trying to give her garments that were more sophisticated that what she had.

Re: Choosing Chanel-style jacket trims

I have a question...I'm not very experienced in fine finishing or making suits... How would you apply the trims? Would you use fabric glue or hand stitch? (I would think machine stitching on the yarn would take away from its look.) I only dream of having the skills to duplicate Chanel. thank you in advance for your advice!

Re: Crazy Quilted Tote

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!! I've never tried to crazy quilt... Though you make it look effortless and natural, I'm sure a whole lotta TLC went into making all these details and colors pop. Truly beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

Re: Hannah's Beauty Walk Dress

Absolutely Gorgeous! I'm inspired to try this technique. Thank you for sharing :)

Re: ~Chef's Hats and Kerchiefs~

These are so cute and would be perfect for my girl scouts to make. Did you reference any pattern, or just make your own? Can you offer any tips?

Re: My Daughters Wedding Dress and her Bridesmaid

You are an awesome mom and seamstress! You're talent, dedication and creativity are truly inspiring. Very beautiful and elegant. I can see the love that went into every stitch. Thank you for sharing

Re: Video: All-in-One Piping and Facing

Good information. I got a little motion-sick from the camera, but enjoyed the content.