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Re: Video: How to Sew a Thread Chain

This is also a great method for constructing a hardly noticeable belt loop on a dress. One can start and end the chain in the same location.

Re: New Fashion Design Degree Program Launches

A basic understanding of some sewing could only help someone wanting to be a designer. I believe an understanding of textiles is extremely important for good fashion design.

Re: Button Placement

When ever the design allows, to prevent gapping also use horizontal rather than vertical placement of buttonholes to keep buttons from unbuttoning themselves, too.

Re: Sewing findings on securely

Thank you for taking this technique to the next step for your readers. I was sorry it was not done on the last entry about covering snaps. I use this buttonhole stitch for so many finishing hand details, that I don't even think of doing it the standard "fast" way.

What's worth doing, is worth doing well!

Re: How to Cover Snaps

I love covered snaps, and do this often. I have a little trick on how to hold onto the snaps with ease as you cover them. Pictures on my little blog under Sewing Tips!

Hope this added little trick helps you sew this wonder finishing touch!

Re: What is the strangest project you have ever sewn?

My husband thinks I can sew anything, so once he commissioned a job for me, then told me! To make a long story short, and a few windows, zippers and huge snaps later I completed a new tent to replace a worn out tent attached to a camping tent trailer.

Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

There is NOTHING like good tools to make sewing enjoyable! I have taught hundreds of children and adults to sew, and like many of you I started on my mom's full size machine. I remember "back in the day" that kids machines were really just frustrating toys. Today the new smaller machines which work well, but do very basic stitches, are a way to teach how to care for a machine and do the basic length and width stitches without a huge investment. My favorite "little" machine in the Janome Mini ( ) you can see it for size against a standard size sewing machine. I use it when I sew crafts with my grandkids! While it does not have lots of options (Janome saved money by no light and is meant to use just one basic foot), it is not too confusing for a little one. I paid less than $50, which is much less than one trip to a sewing machine repair shop in most cases!

Sometimes when I only need to make a seam of two with a standard machine, while using my serger, I often pull out this little light weight (5lbs) jewel for use.