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Crinkled Taffeta Jacket for Fall

I needed a fall jacket, something lightweight but lined before the need for heavy winter clothing set in. Simplicity 2153, an anorak style jacket, was made from crinkled crosswoven polyester with a...

Awesome Upcycle

This is my attempt to upcycle an old but shrunken crocheted lace sweater into a knockoff of a very expensive top I saw online. The tee fabric is a sheer batiste of 100% cotton. I added center front...

My Duplicate Dress Form

Inspired by Kenneth King's lesson on dress form covers and the great results by sewing bloggers I decided to give this a try. I wanted to take it a step further and make my form decorative as well as...

Slipcovered office chair for the Studio

I have a very comfortable but large office chair that I really like in my sewing room. It was just ugly. I wanted to slipcover it and found an old queen size matelasse cotton bedspread which I...

Pretty & Pink Bag

This bag is a total upscycle other than the hand dyed wools used to  make the flowers and stem appliques. The pink body is a felted wool sweater, orginally from the GAP, but picked up at the local...

Sham's Tablecloth Skirt

This is now becoming the famed Tablecloth skirt from the blog of Shams, of "Communing with Fabric." She has generously shared the design and even has a gallery of skirts made with this pattern of...

Felted Houndstooth Bag

This bag is made from wool coating that I felted myself by machine washing in hottest water and drying on high heat in the dryer. The pattern is my own original design. I used hand dyed wools to make...

Leather and Lace

Bag of my own design made from black faux leather and a vintage doily. The doily was ombre dyed to give it a bit of character. There is a v. subtle bit of extra fine glitter on the outer edges of the...

Yasmine Inspired

This shirt is inspired by a design seen on site of designer Yasmine. I used McCalls 6076 which gave me a different collar and sleeve but a shoulder princess seam like the original. The bodice is...

80s Jacket Makes '11 Clutch Bag

This clutch bag is made from Butterick 5576 out of felted wool from a Geiger inspired jacket I made back in the 80s. Once the pewter buttons were removed and the lining cut out it was thrown into a...

Vintage Upcycle

I recently found at a yard sale a mint condition vintage cloth to a card table, ca 1950s. Since the blue in the cloth was the same as my grandaughter's blue eyes it would be perfect for a summer...

My "Chanel" Bag

 I recently finished a Chanel style jacket. I had leftover from that project two sample pockets I had made and decided the scale was too small. I also had a bit of the expensive boucle left as...

Vintage Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is my all time favorite Vogue designer and this is my all time favorite shirt. It is comfy but still has some style. This is my fourth time I have made this since the pattern came out in...

Felted Wool Jersey

Simplicity 2313 is a great pattern that has four distinct looking jackets. I chose the bias ruffled version to try out some wool jersey that I felted my self in the washer and dryer. The felting came...

The Rose Sweater

After seeing a gorgeous Anthropologie sweater for over 400.00 I decided I could make my own version. I recycled a white knit sweater with a Peter Pan collar for the project. It was great quality...

Traditional Silk Christening Gown

This gown was made for a baby boy and a very traditional Christening with his twin sister. They each wore different gowns. The challenge here was to make the gown classic but with masculine details...

80 Yr. Old Liturgical Lace Gown

This is a christening gown made from the liturgical lace netting of a priest's alb that is over 80 years old. I inherited it many years ago. The heavy liturgical embroidery on the ethereal netting...

Great White Shirt

In my humble opinion the ultimate linen expression is a Great White Shirt. With a stash of fine handkerchief linen at the ready and the Threads competition along to inspire me this was the design I...

Discharge Dyed Linen Jacket

This was my first attempt at a Burda World of Fashion pattern. The fabric is a very heavy linen that started out solid navy blue. I discharge dyed it some years ago and have been waiting for just the...

Heirloom Linen Blouse

This Simplicity Kaliah Ali blouse was made with olive handkerchief linen. I pinstitched the tucks, sleeve pleats, and collar detail. Traditionally pinstitching on this weight of linen is done with a...

recent comments

Re: Learn to Make a Vintage-Inspired Neckband

Lovely, but I can't help but think this would be easier with a traditional bullion stitch. I will have to give it a try.

Re: Take a Tour Inside a Chic Couture Skirt

Fascinating skirt anatomy! Personally, I would have preferred a matching waistband. Something about the black and the fringe just jolts me. Thanks for the lesson, Susan. I really enjoy seeing the inside construction of these garments.

Re: An Inside Look at Mary Ray's Sewing Studio

Wonderful space and I have to mention, what a beautiful portrait of Mary! The blouse is a stunner as is it's wearer.

Re: 21 Sewing Myths Debunked

Thanks, Claire. My fave is number ten. It's amazing how many of these exist to accommodate ill fit.


Loving your hats!


Beautiful effort, a real show stopper!

Re: Spring times Blue

Very pretty!

Re: Prom dress


Re: Vote for the Winner of the 2013 Fancy Fabrics Challenge

Congratulations to all the makers of these beautiful garments. I made my choice based on its elegant simplicity and command of technique, beautiful work by all!

Re: Mother-of-the-bride ensemble


Re: McQueen Modified

Fabulous and wonderful workmanship.

Re: Silk Matalesse and Leather Jacket


Re: MOB dress for cancer victim

A labor of love!

Re: The Box Pleat Experiments, Part 2: Cross drape trim

Lovely! I can see this being used on little dresses for American Girl dolls in maybe a smaller width. I would love to see this on an adult garment in a soft organdy or such. Thanks, again, Kenneth, for sharing your expertise.

Re: The Winner of the 2013 SewStylish Fall Fashion Challenge is...

FWIW. Sewista and unnypep are one and the same. I had to change emails and you know how that works. Just didn't want any confusion.

Re: The Winner of the 2013 SewStylish Fall Fashion Challenge is...

I will sit down and sew or just talk sewing with anyone anytime. Your loopy jacket was fabulous and so beautifully made, ppinnc. You made me very nervous!

Re: Crinkled Taffeta Jacket for Fall

Thank you so much. I hope people realize that they are looking at the inside of the jacket for the contest. I assume my "outside" photos didn't translate well to the page. That's all OK. It shows the work I put into it's construction .

Re: Sheer embroidered overdress

this is so lovely and such a wonderful idea.

Re: Show A Little Shoulder

Stunning! You may be a beginner but you are surely on your way to a lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment sewing quality garments.

Re: Stripes and Wedding Bells

Great dress!

Re: Balenciaga style top coat

Beautiful coat.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue 168

Elizzabeth Taylor's slip in Butterfield 8.

Re: Create Boning with Heavy-Duty Zip Ties

Your brilliance rises to the occasion once again! Thanks for this tutorial.

Re: A Beautiful Hem for a Four-Ply Silk Crepe

I just want to thank you for another wonderful technique to add to my tool box. You'd be amazed at how many of your tutes have become standard ways of business for me. I thank you so much for that. Thanks to Ms. Menard too! Great technique I can't wait to use.

Re: Sustainable Fashion at Framingham State University


Re: 2013 Prom Dress

Fabulous result!

Re: DVD Giveaway: Design Your Own Wardrobe with Mary Ray

The hardest part of creating my wardrobe is havin the focus to stick to a plan. I sew as the spirit moves me. I fill in the missing spaces. I just finished 3 white shirts as that is what I had a need for. Now I need skirts so I will move on to those. But the idea of buying ALL of the fabric and putting together one whole wardrobe as in SWAP is way beyond my ability to stay focused on such a large scale. I have sewing and wardrobe ADD. I guess I have SWADD.

Re: Pretty in White Shirt

Looks great!

Re: Fluted ribbon jacket trim


Re: Magazine Giveaway: How does fabric influence your designs?

Fabrics totally inspire me. I peruse a wall full of fabrics and they say things like "retro", "summertime", "fall wedding" or any other number of things. I then take those words and images with me to the pattern books and start putting fabrics and patterns together. It's really a simple process but it works for me.

Re: Make Padded Seams to Prevent Seam Allowance Impressions

Also, using a wooden seam roll which lets the seams fall away without impression, is a great way to deal with this issue.

Re: Make Padded Seams to Prevent Seam Allowance Impressions

Proper seam pressing is so important but personally, I think if you are going to line something and if it is wool you probably will, you shouldn't serge the seams. They are notorious for leaving impressions. I would do a flat, wide triple zigzag along the SAs to prevent any raveling. That and a strip of brown paper bag or a paper envelope to slide under the SAs while you press and you are good to go.

Re: My Duplicate Dress Form

The Kenneth King article is in Threads #161 entitled, "Fit for Everyone."

Re: The Faux Ruffled Tiered Skirt

This and your top are fabulous, Rhonda!

Re: A Quick Fix for a Baggy Blue Coat

Your safety pin idea is brilliant. I don't care what the coat looks like. This is a great trick for my toolbox and I know I will use that sewing pin idea at some point. Thanks, once again, Kenneth, for some super inspiration. Do you know how many of your "tools" have ended up in my sewing tool box?

Re: My Duplicate Dress Form

Thanks for letting me know. It should be now fixed and the url is for the first of several posts on the subject. I could not figure out how to make it a hot link. Thanks again.

Re: Threads magazine Nov. 2000 inspiration

Love it. You have a great sense of design!

Re: Print Patterns at Home

Too much effort. The only patterns I download now are for doll clothes as the pieces are very small and don't require much "putting together". Downloading and taping patterns is not my idea of fun.

I can see that for newbie sewists, who really don't know much different and are so digitally aware, this could be the way to go for them. But there is a part of the learning curve that demands the traditional before proceeding to the more difficult skill set. Learning to master a pattern and all it's idiosyncrasies is learning to sew.

Re: Tweed Jacket


Re: Ivory/Gold Silk Coat

Exquisite coat! I think a button with some bling would be great, as in gold background and rhinestones. I have purchased great buttons like this on garments from the local thrift shop, louse clothes with great buttons for a cheap price. Quality bling buttons are expensive but they seem to abound at the resale store.

Re: My Projects

Gorgeous! Your look is quite sophisticated and totally not home made.

Re: New Year's Eve Party Dress

Great party dress! The piping really sets it off. Have fun at the party!

Re: Couture Techniques for a Better Fitting Waistband

That dominant hand info is brilliant. It is so good to have the couture effect on such small details as findings, something not usually addressed in sewing manuals. Thanks, Susan, and a Happy and Productive New Year to you and all of the Threads staff.

Re: I Feel Pretty, Oh, So Pretty!


Re: Kid's Fashion Giveaway: "The Fashion Designer's Handbook"

I would love for my v. eager grandaughter to win this book. She would just love it.

Re: How to Miter the Inside Corner of a Hong Kong Finish

I love to use HK seams and this is such a wonderful bit of finesse. Thank you again, Kenneth.

Re: Combining Fabric Weaves and Weights

I love that this technique utilizes smaller bits of fabric therefore keeping them out of the landfill. Great techniques.

I am still in a quandary about how to clean these items, particularly a natural fiber, such as a wool crepe, with leather, ie, a leather yoke for example. That is what is preventing me from trying this mix of those two.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: What advice would you give to someone learning to sew?

I would give the following advice:

1. Expect to iron as much as you sew. Pressing properly is a needed skill through every part of the sewing process. Learn it well and use those skills to get professional looking clothing. Expect to do it. Pressing is Sewing

2. Expect to alter every pattern you ever make. You may not be the one in a thousand five foot six woman with the B cup bosom and perfect proportions. Fitting is sewing.

3. Get in the habit of making muslins and taking pictures of yourself in them. It will end wasteful (time and money) wadders and teach you so much about your body and how it needs to be fit. Every muslin I've made has saved me time in the big picture and the final garment fit better. Muslins are necessary.

4. But the best fabric you can. It will force you to focus and do a great job.

5. Go s l o w. You are not in a race. Enjoy the wonderful process and its many twists and turns.

Advice from someone who has been sewing for 52 years.

Re: "Sewing With Nancy" Celebrates 30 Years

I am a huge fan of Nancy Zeeman. Her programs on fit, particularly Pivot & Slide, really turned my sewing around. She truly has a gift for teaching this art. I have been watching her since the beginning. I even have a Sewing with Nancy "Fab Felter" and love it. Add to that all my books from her, videos, dvds, and you can see she has a strong presence in my sewing life.

Re: Yellow Eyelet Sundress

Love it! So fresh and young looking!

Re: How to Create a Notched Tuck

I taught classes in "shark's teeth" some years back. This effect is similar but a different type of construction than the traditional heirloom method. I like that this method actually sews and turns the tucks. In the heirloom method they are cut, turned under on the right side to make the points and then then secured by topstitching on the tuck stitching line, not the greatest technique for a beautiful crepe but great for a sharp linen. I really like this idea, Judith, and am anxious to try it. Thanks.

Re: Lace Wedding Gown

Beautiful work!

Re: My New Sewing Studio

There is nothing like a dedicated space, no matter where it is or how rough. It is yours! You will be amazed at how much more productive you become in your own space.

Re: Easter dress

You are a beautiful lady. I am glad your sewing is bringing you such pleasure. I hope all is is overcome now with your treatments.

Re: Homecoming Dress

Fabulous job! You have a very creative vision and I really admire that you find this treasure at a thrift store. You did an amazing job with it. Keep sewing. It will bring you much pleasure in life.

Re: How to Make Hairpin Lace

Another tool for my too box! Thanks,Kenneth!

Re: Tips for Better Topstitching

Fabulous information. Ms. Ahles is the queen of "fine machine sewing".

Re: Sew Couture

Gorgeous. The subtle ombre color is spectacular. Did you dye it yourself?


Stunning and so original. I bet she stood out wonderfully from among the crowd at the prom.

Re: Chanel Inspired jacket

Love those bias sleeves, too. Great work.

Re: An Exquisite Beaded Embroidery Sleeve

Spectacular! I know what you mean about being disrespectful to the piece of needlework. I had similar feelings over some exquisite liturgical lace I inherited.

Re: Custom couture: using unexpected fabric

Gorgeous and I love the fabric!

Re: Flying Leopard Coat

Very nice!

Re: Embossed Velvet

This really isn't clear to me. Can you be more specific/clear?

Re: Green Sateen Baby Set


Re: Pacifer Pouch


Re: Draft a Two-Piece Collar with a Stand

It is difficult to read which is CB or CF.

Re: The Stripe in the Jacket - Mc Call 6294

Fabulous jacket, Cenetta. It looks stunning on you and the stripes really frame your face beautifully. I bet you win!

Re: Is There a Right Way to Iron a Garment?

While my own two daughters rarely rarely iron for their families, I love to iron and more than that, I love to wear the types of clothing that need ironing.

My mother in law, who could teach Martha Stewart how to run a home, taught me how to iron her son's shirts. First the collar, then all tabs and flaps, cuffs, yoke, sleeves, back, fronts in that order. I have fond memories of her and at least two of her seven sisters arriving at her large colonial home on Mondays. One would jump right in at the washer and dryer, another would look for what to set up for lunch, and MIL would bring out three ironing boards and three irons into her big dining room. The sisters and she would then proceed to iron the morning away, smoke a lot of cigarettes, drink a lot of tea, gossip, and grab everything the minute it was ready from the dryer. Everything got ironed, socks, mens briefs, all linens, everything. I never had to do a lick of housework in my life so this was all very fascinating as well as totally intimidating. I learned so much from her and her sisters and will always be grateful. You have never seen such perfectly ordered dresser drawers and closets in your life as hers and that was for a family of five children.

Re: How to Make Ribbon Trim

I am so impressed with our math wizard here. I don't even understand what they are saying, just sounds good so I'll believe it, LOL!

I can't wait to try this lovely trim. Just put it on my pinboard. Thanks again for your expertise, Mssr. King.

Re: Don't Throw it Away!

The finish looks altered. Are they recovered?

Re: Remembering Lois Ericson

I am so sorry to hear this. Lois Ericson inspired me to not just sew but to see my work as a canvas for embellishment, dyes, and manipulations. I consumed her books and videos, watching and reading them all over and over. I discharge dyed many a yard, all thanks to Lois's inspiration. I went down paths I had never even thought of, all thanks to Lois's inspiration. She contributed a lot to the sewist that I am today and I would love for her family to know that. I am so sorry for their loss.

Thank you, Threads, for bringing us news of her passing.

Re: What sewing skill do you want to learn next?

Is it sewing? Not sure, but I would like to learn how to tat, really.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Threads Issue #159, March 2012

Sounds like a fabulous issue but the bra making article will be my first one to read. I really want to learn how to do this and am so glad this is being addressed. Thanks, Threads.

Re: New Look Pleated Bodice Dress

Great look! This color works really well on you and I love the belt treatment.

Re: Rose's gallery #2

Beautiful work! You are an inspiration.

Re: Rose's gallery #1

Rose, you are stunning in your exquisite garments. You have such skill, talent, and grace. Thank you so much for sharing your gallery with us. It's a treat to see.

Re: My Bag is in a Magazine!

Congratulations! Great bag!

Re: New Look 6824 Summer Dress Sew Along

Gorgeous! What a stunning color!

Re: Jacket with Fur Collar

VERY nice!

Re: White Poppy Inspiration, a 1930's re-visit


Re: Specialty feet can do amazing things!

Like you, my most used foot is the edge stitching foot. My machine was in the shop recently which forced me to use my backup which doesn't have this foot. I was lost and just gave up till my good machine came back from the shop. I use this with every garment I sew. I use it for understitching, edge stitching, top stitching, ditch stitching, trim placement. I have even used it to install zippers as the blade lines up beautifully with the zipper coils.You can take away a lot of things but don't take my edge stitching foot!!!

Re: Piece a Binding then Machine Applique it in Place

Great technique. Thanks. Just curious, is that weft insertion interfacing underneath the binding on the corner?

Re: Portfolio


Re: Refashion - Fur and Leather


Re: 80s Jacket Makes '11 Clutch Bag

I show how to do the flowers on my blog,
They are very easy and quick to make and anyone can do them.

The lining is a poly brocade from Joanns. Thanks for the lovely comments.

Re: Baseball Romper


Re: White Knit Skirt Pattern Replica

Very nice, particularly the edge treatment.

Re: Awards Dinner Dress

Very pretty. I bet it was perfect for the evening. Love the shoes!

Re: Peas & Carrots Romper

Fabulous jon jon. You did a beautiful job uniting all the details.

Its unfortunate someone seeking free advertising hijacked this comment area of the Reader's Closet. They didn't even comment on you beautiful work. Bad them!!! How good is that for business?

Re: Chanel-style Jacket

Beautiful, Ann!!!

Re: Wool Retro Purse

Love it!

Re: Sewing UFOs

Like another mentioned, I have no UFOs. While that may qualify one for sainthood, it won't in my case. When a downsizing move forced me to re evaluate a lot our possessions, the UFO pile was shameful. I chucked them all out and pledged there and then to only work on two projects at a time until completion. One project would be purely machine sewing, and the other project would be primarily a hand work project, ie, a smocked dress for a child. This has served me well, keeping me more focused and definitely completing more projects than previously. It also has made me face fit and technique issues head on. I won't jump to a new project when the fit is a bit off. Instead I am forced to face how to make it work. This combined with making muslins has really helped tame the UFO monster. I would say the biggest way to get rid of UFOs is to begin making muslins and to also confine yourself to one new technique per garment. Go muslins!

Re: New Sewing Show, "It's Sew Easy," Starts June 30 on PBS

While I am sad to see Sue Hausman out of the picture, this is wonderful news. Hopefully my channel will carry it. I can't wait to see Gertie in action.

Re: Pintuck a Ruffle

This is brilliant. I can't wait to use this technique on a child's garment. Fabulous!

Re: What Makes a Sewing Space Great?

I'm a bit of a voyeur when it comes to sewing spaces. I would love to see the over the top, won the lottery, type of spaces as well as the tiny, highly organized rooms as well. I am always on the lookout for highly functional and good looking organizational remedies. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

I have a dedicated 10x11 foot space with a BIG area beyond for storage of my mannequin, hanging fabrics, many books, etc. Can it ever be large enough?

Re: Creating Perfect Bias Fabric Loops

Wonderful tutorial! Your expertise is always appreciated as well as inspirational. Thanks!

Re: A New Improved Seam Roll

Brilliant and sure beats my one inch dowel! Now, where did that roll off to?

Re: What fabric do you love to sew with most?

My favorite fabric to sew is linen. I love how it responds to stitching embellishment, whether by hand or machine. It is a perfect canvas for drawn thread work, madeira applique, smocking, and so much more. As a child I was taught techniques like hemstitching on linen. That learning adventure was pure joy and that memory has been reinforced many times over the years. To love linen is to also love its wrinkle and I don't apologize for that!

Re: Create a Swirled Bias Sleeve

My head is spinning! I'd also appreciate further clarification. I do like how the sleeve ends in the bias ruffle.

Re: Meet Me at the Cotswolds

Fabulous, a real work of art!

Re: What fabric do you love to sew with most?

Make mine linen! I love the way it responds to my needle. It is a wonderful canvas for all sorts of stitch embellishment from pulled threads to hemstitching, etc. I like its wrinkles and I like it crispy. Just my favorite. I don't think I have ever made a linen garment I didn't wear to death and love.

Re: Simple Bust Adjustment

I use the Pivot and Slide method to go up to a C bust and have been very pleased. It's easy and doesn't change the shape of the armhole.

Re: Video: Easy-to-Sew Flat Fly-Front Zipper

This technique is fabulous and I preach to every sewist I know.

LoursPolaire, your buttonhole trick is brilliant. Thank you!

For the Minister's Wife, the zipper is left long until the waist band is installed. Once that happens the seam secures the zipper and the excess can be cut off. Always use a zipper longer than needed. It prevents that little hole that can happen at the top of a zip on skirts and pants. It is also WAY easier to install as you do not have to stitch around the zipper pull.

Re: Lined Wool Dress With Curved Seams


Re: Summer Stripes!

Great shirt!

Re: Embroidered Jean Vest

Great use of your embroidery machine. Classiest denim garment I've seen in a while.

Re: Origami ... Orikeito Dress

Keep folding those wrappers! love it.

Re: Green Jacket

Great use of your new toy! The monotone embroidery is very pretty.

Re: Threads seamstress contributed to jacket on display at Winterthur Museum

The work of Norma and her fellow sewists is incredible. What an honor to work on such a garment. Tell us more!

Re: Embellished Wool Cardigan

Very pretty!

Re: The Sewing and Stitchery Expo

It has always amazed me how these shows manage to avoid the Northeast where the population is so dense. Is the rent too high or what? I would love to attend one of these shows but until it is in New York, Boston, or in between I can't manage it.

Re: Green Paris Silk

Exquisite! Your mastery of the various techniques required is obvious. Stunning.

Re: Smocked Dress

Wonderful use of the smocking technique! I am so thrilled when I see fiber artists take smocking beyond the heirloom sewing realm and you did this so successfully.

Re: Make Money Sewing

Is this a Taunton publication?

Re: Dress for First Communion

Beautiful! I am sure she was an angelic vision in this dress.

Re: Lady Ga Ga inspired jacket

Very clever! Love the keyholes.

Re: Promise of Spring Scarf

Congratulations! Your win is well deserved. The scarf is gorgeous.

Re: Tea Time Rose Pink Floral Toddler Dress - One of a Kind

This is a sweet little dress. I am wondering however if it is OK to sell your garments from the Reader's Closet, albeit by inference. I know everyone loves to see them but I have noticed lately there are readers clearly using the board to move their product. I am not saying this is right or wrong. I am saying that on other boards I frequent this is definitely not allowed and am just wondering what Taunton's take is on it. It might be a good idea to get their opinion out in the open.

Re: Quincinera

Lovely! and clearly beautifully constructed.



Re: What's your favorite article from Threads magazine over the past 25 years?

My favorite article was the collage jacket by Bird Ross. I made so many of those jackets and have used her techniques over and over. Could we have more Bird Ross?

I must say a very close second was the Susan Khalje article on Chanel Jackets. That issue is well dog-eared at this point and worth its weight in gold!

Re: The Kermit-Green Jacket

I'm heartbroken! I gave a much loved and well worn red melton pea coat to the GW. If only I had know!! Your solution is brilliant and thank again for your always clear and clever instruction.

Re: The Bullfighter's Jacket

Mind boggling beauty and craftsmanship. Thank you ever so much for sharing this with the sewing public. It is such a treat to "eye ponder". I bet you looked fabulous in it. Wear a cape with it?????

Re: Create a Custom Dress Form

Has anyone made the form and the put it on top of an existing dress form? My dress form goes really small so this would be easy to do. Any problems with the bust?

Re: How have you organized your stash?

I have to see my fabric to be inspired so bins don't work for me. I have a 3x12 foot well lit closet that opens on the sewing room with double doors. In it are wire shelves to hold my fabrics. I don't as big a stash as many. The fabrics have all been folded around a 5 inch acrylic ruler so are all the exact same size and stack beautifully. I sort them by type. My patterns are in those black and white boxes you get from the chains. When recently building my space, I made sure that to the left and right of my machine are large shallow drawers that I can reach into while sewing. They have in them numerous cutlery trays and in those I separate zippers, scissors, needles, etc. I like being organized and find if I am I am much more productive. I don't do well with mess and disorder. It totally sucks out my inspiration.

Re: What were you sewing in 1985?

Oh, my! I can really photograph and share that big shouldered, tailored, pin stripe suit I wore so much in the eighties? I'm on it!

Re: The Fortuny Shirt

Kenneth, thank you so much for this lesson. I have wanted to know the "right" way of doing this for some time. Thank you so much for your generosity as well. You are a gift! My dream is to attend a class with you one day, maybe soon!...Bunny

Re: Braided Belt: The Next Generation

Brilliant! Now where did my macrame book go?

Re: Add style and flair with pleats

While I totally respect Louise Cutting and her abilities, these are not ANY kind of pleat. They are tucks or pin tucks. Before we correct anything lets do some research and get it right Threads.

Re: Video: Patterns 101

Excellent! Judith, your delivery is so clear and definitely holds one's interest. Super super job!

Re: Spring Sewing Projects - What Do You Plan to Sew?

For many years I was a sewist with many UFOs. About 6-7 years ago I took a pledge to only sew two garments at a time. One is a machine sewn garment, the other is one requiring a lot of handstitching. So whatever time was available I could work on something. If I was only up to watching TV on the couch, it was time for my hand sewing project. If I had time to scoot away to my studio, time would be spent on my machine project. I do not cut a new project until a current one is finished. This formula works for me. I also look at the purchase of fabric as a reward for finishing my current project. I have disciplined myself to stay with the formula and am glad I do. There is a piece of grape colored good quality patent leather that I would love to buy and make into a bag. I won't buy it until my current project, a dress, is finished.

I learned all of this the hard way. Until you have moved and gone thru every nook and cranny of your sewing room and found all of the good intentions and unfinished objects hiding in so many corners, you maybe can't appreciate it. That's what turned me around. I have to say since taking this strategy I complete many more garments and complete them more successfully.

Re: Starry Starry Night


Re: Collage It! Counterpoints Jacket

Absolutely gorgeous jacket! Beautifully executed.

Re: Russian steppes jacket

You have done justice to this exquisite fabric. Beautiful!

Re: Crepe-back satin cherry-blossom jacket

Lovely. You've done a beautiful job with the appliques.

Re: The Winner of the Fancy Fabrics Challenge is...

Congratulations! You look fabulous in a fabulous dress.

Re: Javanese Goddess


Re: Fancy Fabric Challenge - Rose Red's Wedding Dress


Re: cocktail dress

Fabulous! You are red carpet ready!

Re: Shauna's wedding dress


Re: How do you store your thread and other sewing notions?

My sewing room has a built in area with my machines. To the left of where I sit and sew is a good sized drawer. In it is are a couple of cutlery trays. They hold all of my neutral threads, black, white, navy, gray, beige, and brown. I reach in that drawer VERY often. All of my other threads are in clear plastic containers stacked in a cabinet close buy. I like to keep them from the dust and sunlight. Last year I decided to go thru my ageing thread stash and sat and yanked on every spool I own. If the thread broke easily it got tossed. It it resisted strongly, I kept it. This eliminated half of the stash as well as sewing with old thread destined for dry rot.

Re: Needle Felted Swirly Jacket

Stunning jacket! That fabric is incredible and you have pulled all the details together so wonderfully. Congratulations.

Re: What provides your greatest sewing inspiration?

Two things inspire me. First, it is always the fabric. With uninspiring fabric, I cannot sew.

Then, most importantly at this stage of my life, it is my beautiful grandchildren. I love to decorate them like a I would a perfect Balsam fir on Christmas eve. They are all beautiful and so accepting of my designs. My daughters know that they never know quite what I will come up with next, but that it will be a show stopper for their little ones. I just love to dress these little angels.

Re: Chocolate Lime Charmer Girl Petal Pant Set

Darling outfit! Your daughter is a little stunner! This is one of my favorite color combos.

Re: What's Your Favorite Non-standard Sewing Machine Foot?

The foot I use the most, after the basic zigzag, is my edge stitching foot. It is the one with the blade down the middle. I have found this priceless for quality topstitching and invaluable for sheer hems. It also is a great ditch stitcher. I used it one way or another with every garment I make and don't know how I lived without it. After that, my 1/4 inch, one hole foot is used and loved a lot. It keeps those fabrics from "flagging" and is awesome for stitching on lightweight chiffons and such.

Re: Daisy's Heirloom Dress

Beautiful little dress and the lace shaping is wonderful!

Re: Retro Wrap Dress in Green Plaid Silk

I have seen this pattern made up a few times over on PR. But, I must say your plaid version is fabulous and has them all beat. It never would have occurred to me to make this up in a plaid and a silk one at that. Love it!

Re: Join the Threads Summer Sewing Challenge and WIN!

Thanks so much, Vicki. Appreciate the quick response.

Re: They Call Me the Breeze!

Very cute!

Re: Piping adds a special touch to your sewing

I love piping and use it a great deal in my garments. I think the biggest contributor to ripple free piping is the type of fiber used. Inevitably a synthetic fiber gives me ripples and hassles while the all natural fibers cooperate wonderfully in their construction. I am going to my stash now to look up what appears to be a great article by Khalje. She is such a wonderful teacher and mentor.

Re: Perfect Partners: Black and White

Very classic and beautifully constructed. Your bias sleeves are awesome.

Re: My Favorite Jacket

Beautiful jacket and it fits you amazingly!

Re: Siberian iris

Fabulous! This just blows me away.

Re: Tips on Sewing with Linen

Thanks so much, Vicki. I have uploaded a couple of garments. There is some great competition here.

Re: Textured Linen Vest and Pants

Love it! Your execution is very creative. I really like the one legged stitching on the pants.

Re: Tips on Sewing with Linen

If I have posted about a linen garment I have made on my blog does it constitute "being published"? TIA, Bunny

Re: Join the Threads Summer Sewing Challenge and WIN!

The directions say the garment must be unpublished. Does this include something I have made and have posted in my blog? I don't have a huge following. In my blog I document the construction of all my garments. Will this exclude me? I hope not. I am anxiously awaiting your reply.

Re: Christening Gowns

I love the unconventional and beautiful use of the tricot. Some heirloom sewist would flinch at this idea. I find it lovely and refreshing. You did a fabulous job on this gown.

Re: Counterpoints Jacket Collaged

Gorgeous jacket!

Re: Tapestry and denim jacket

Outstanding jacket! Love the denim trim and how it's body holds up the pleats so beautifully.

Re: Embroidered Trench Coat

Love it. By using a monotone scheme and not too much or too heavy an embroidery this is just right. Lovely job.