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craft interests: sewing

Member Since: 06/27/2011

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Re: Video - Fitting: Key Pattern Adjustments

Judy is great at explaining and demonstrating- as always. It's a problem I actually have - shoulder slope - so Im serious about another video, PLEASE

Re: Video - Fitting: Key Pattern Adjustments

and now a video showing an adjustment to actually LOWER the seam please.
Also - what about the side seam ? Doesn't the adjustment add or substract length that will change the dart and/or bust point?

Re: Video: Offset Stitching for Smooth Piping

I was sewing stretchy piping on a jersey with a slightly curved front piece, and had a lot of trouble with puckering. I ripped it out at least four times. What finally worked was horizontally pinning the piping very generously to the seam edge. Then removing the pins as I wenr along, well before I got to where they were in the fabric. This kept the weight of the pipimg itself from stretching the band as I sewed. It slowed down the sewing speed, preventing the jersey from stretching. And I was able to gently and accurately keep the piping where I wanted it.

Re: Video: How to True Seams

Thanks Judith! You explain things so clearly
it's a joy to watch your videos.

Re: Video: How to Sew and Install a Sleeve Head

great tip, great demonstration. I'm going to try this right away! Thanks

Re: Video: How to Sew an Elastic Waistband Without a Casing

some nice shots of Nick's hairy hands... too bad either these or the machine are in the way of actually seeing what he's doing. Not much substance for an 8 minute video. How do you mark the elastic. How do you mark the garment egde. How do you join the side seams and accoommdate the elastic. What tips are there for coordinating hands stretching fabric, holding elastic, smoothing fabric while operating foot pedal. This is not simple - and a good way to throw the feed dogs off kilter. I think if you're not already familiar with this technique, this video won't get you started...

Re: Video: Kenneth D. King's Essential Sewing Tool Kit, Part 2

the video won't play on my PC... I wonder why?

Re: Video: Make Your Own Tailor's Pressing Tool

I love watching Judith Neukam explain things. This is the best quick tip so far. Well done!

Re: The Kilim Carpet Coat : Adding the Collar and Sleeves

How did you finish the edge of the lapped seams that shows?

Re: Get Creative with Heirloom Buttons

I recently altered a mens T shirt to make it more feminine. In addition to cutting out the high ribbrd neck and making it a rounded scoop, I also re- used the neck ribbing. To do this, I separated it from the fabric, ironed it open, then cut it in half lengthwise. This gave me a piece of ribbing in exactly the same color as the T and long enough to finish the new scoopneckline with. It produced a lovely narrow ribbed band that gave the T a nice light professional look.

Re: A Trick for Working with Raw Silk

What about just zigzagging around the pattern while itsonthe fabric - one piece at a time, of course...

Re: Tangerine Tango

this happens to be a good color for me personally and I LIKE it a lot. I'm looking forward to finding things in this beautiful shade.

Re: A Fix for a Baggy Seat

this problem has dogged me for sooo long. Can't wait to try it! Hope it works...

Re: Video: How to Apply Elastic

love this video. It's got mant useful tips! A real confidence boaster!

Re: Your Favorite Jacket Can Become a Vest

Love the facing without a shoulder seam!