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Member Since: 06/27/2011

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Re: Video: Kenneth D. King's Essential Sewing Tool Kit, Part 2

the video won't play on my PC... I wonder why?

Re: Video: Make Your Own Tailor's Pressing Tool

I love watching Judith Neukam explain things. This is the best quick tip so far. Well done!

Re: The Kilim Carpet Coat : Adding the Collar and Sleeves

How did you finish the edge of the lapped seams that shows?

Re: Get Creative with Heirloom Buttons

I recently altered a mens T shirt to make it more feminine. In addition to cutting out the high ribbrd neck and making it a rounded scoop, I also re- used the neck ribbing. To do this, I separated it from the fabric, ironed it open, then cut it in half lengthwise. This gave me a piece of ribbing in exactly the same color as the T and long enough to finish the new scoopneckline with. It produced a lovely narrow ribbed band that gave the T a nice light professional look.

Re: A Trick for Working with Raw Silk

What about just zigzagging around the pattern while itsonthe fabric - one piece at a time, of course...

Re: Tangerine Tango

this happens to be a good color for me personally and I LIKE it a lot. I'm looking forward to finding things in this beautiful shade.

Re: A Fix for a Baggy Seat

this problem has dogged me for sooo long. Can't wait to try it! Hope it works...

Re: Video: How to Apply Elastic

love this video. It's got mant useful tips! A real confidence boaster!

Re: Your Favorite Jacket Can Become a Vest

Love the facing without a shoulder seam!