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Charla Heibel, Chico, CA, US

craft interests: fashion, sewing

Birthday: 02/22/1985

Member Since: 10/04/2010

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Re: Time to Sew for Halloween!

I'm always excited for Halloween because my mom always made costumes for us 4 kids. It's always been easier for me to get into sewing when I have a fun project. This year, some of my friends are hosting a greek goddess costume party inspired by the tv show Spartacus. They asked for my help which led to me designing 3 dresses, one for each of us. I'm using draping for the first time ever and loving it! I just hope they come out okay, especially since my friends picked out rookie fabric, meaning shiny but stiff, hard to work with, and not very breathable. It'll be a challenge, especially for my somewhat rookie skills but I can't wait!

Re: Clone Yourself A Dress Form

My mom and I tried this with less than acceptable results. The duck tape (or duct tape depending on brand) is too flexible to hold a shape. It basically was easy to do but once we took it off, it did not hold its shape and we tried very hard to pad it to get it right, but it was just too flexible. Was very disappointed. I found it easier to buy a cheap adjustable dress form and put a bra on it to better match my figure.

Re: Project Runway: We're in a New York State of Mind

I was amazed at a few things here.
1. Michael admitted that he was pretty much making the Statue's dress, just in black, which I thought equaled cop-out and not actual designing.
2. If April was giving them the same thing over and over, why did they wait until the last challenge to call her on it? I mean, they never mentioned it before except as a good thing (i.e. "we can really see you in it")
3. If April is giving us the same thing, so is Andy, which the judges mentioned in the "are we only going to see more warrior women?"
4. Mondo's on a whole other level and I don't even really see it as a contest. I wish that he could just be given the prize and the others compete for a consolation prize.
5. Gretchen, like others have mentioned, is arrogant and stubborn and won't take any criticism, which has knocked out better designers in past seasons. Why not this season? I agree that perhaps the judges are looking more for drama between people than drama in clothes, which is very unfortunate. It appears Project Runway is selling out.