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Re: Tell-tale signs of an accomplished sewer

I think my biggest rule of making a garment not look home made, is the "well pressed is half sewn" saying. I abide by it, press every seam and press probably mroe than I have to.
Especially making a lot of jeans for myself, the need to press and press is crucial. ( latest jeans on my blog. ignore the wee pull at the top of my zip, I get it on RTW jeans too.. to do with button placement I think)

Now I'm off to read how to cover snaps, what a cool idea.

Re: Zipper Madness

What fabulous zips! I'll have to go check those sites out. I discovered lately, and just LOVE it.

Re: Video: Easy-to-Sew Flat Fly-Front Zipper

Well I just have to join in and say I LOVE this. I make a lot of pants, and this is my TNT method of putting a flat fly front zip in. I don't use the video now, but will ALWAYS use this technique, why pattern companies make their instructions so complicated, I'll never know.

Fab tutorial

Re: I've Pieced It Together: Web Sites Offer Full-size Patterns

Should also add I've done this with a few patterns, and it's perfect. I really enjoy doing it, as it costs so much here to buy a pattern.

Re: I've Pieced It Together: Web Sites Offer Full-size Patterns

You can also download most big brand (simplicity, vogue, butterick, etc etc etc) and print them from :o)

Re: Bag Your Jacket Lining

This is such a fabulous tutorial. I used it once a couple of days ago when making a coat, and will be doing the same tomorrow for another coat. Loving it!