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Re: Magazine Giveaway: Sew Home

Since I moved into my own house, with my husband, after I left my parents home, I have never ceased to update and add to our home. There isn't a curtain or a cushion (I believe you call them pillows in the U S) tablecloth etc in the house that I haven't had an input into but I'm always looking for new ideas.
Ideas from the New World would go down a treat so please do let me be considered for your new release! Thank you for reading this far.

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: The April/May 2012 issue of Threads magazine!

I love Threads mag but feel sorry to see all the other readers talking about the latest issue when I haven't got it yet! will it come soon?

Re: Video: Designers Create Golden Cloth from Spider Silk

This shawl is indeed marvelous! I have just returned from london where very high on my list of "mustdos" was a visit to the V & A to see it. The work that went into this garment is marvelous but the uses that the spider silk can be put to in future is also inspiring.

So well done for drawing our attention to this fabulous piece of workmanship!!!

Re: Slot Buttonholes

This is a terrific idea. I hope to adapt it to use it for the handle of a shopping bag that I intend making shortly. Thank you.

Re: Turning Pillowcases Into Dresses

All this is very laudable and i think that it is very good that sewers are prepared to give their time to others less fortunate. We all have our ways to help others!

However this item has left me, once guessing, I would love to know what a "pillowcase" is, is this something that one uses on the the bed under your head, or is it a cushion that one uses on a chair. Mostly in American parlance, the word pillow is used to describe what I would call a cushion. This time it appears to have a different meaning.

Re: Sewing UFOs

I can relate personally to almost all of the comments made on this thread. I no longer have UFOs as years ago I found that if I did not finish one thing before starting a new project I seldom if ever returned to the first one. As I sewed because I could not afford to buy readymade (my, how things have changed!) I could not afford that type of waste. Times have changed, now that I can afford to buy or make (which is now of course the more expensive route) this is no longer my main incentive. However, if one was to count the stack of fabric that I have, this is probably an ENTIRE UFO.

In the competition for the most aged UFOs I'm onto a winner, I did start a tapestry back in 1969 which I take out every so often and do some work on it. I lose heart though, as I do not have a use for it. I was going to use it as a firescreen but in the meantime I inherited a much nicer one. What to do?

Get sewing and use up some fabric! that way the stack of fabric gets smaller quicker and the house a tiny bit bigger!

Re: A New Improved Seam Roll

What's wrong with the old style sleeve board? mine made by my father for my mother circa 1939/40 an old cantilever style, has never shifted off my ironing board and apart from a renewal of the cover about 20 years ago is still fit for purpose. Some padding is necessary I don't accept that a hard surface will connect and work with an iron!

Other items can be pressed by using a rolled up towel -- for us amateurs saves storage and clutter!!!!

Re: A Nice Little Suit

Thank you for showing the fantastic details of this suit to us. Most clothes I see nowadays fall into the category of admiration and while I don't consider wearing what I see, I constantly think of adapting what I see to make it suitable for myself.

While I would never have worn a skirt with "knobs" on, this trim could inspire one to decorate a jacket, a top, perhaps a handbag, (should I call it a purse or satchel?) or whatever. I look to Thread's mag and online service to inspire and challenge me, and this certainly does.

Re: patternless peasant blouse

that looks great how did you do it?