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Wantirna South, Victoria, AU

craft interests: fashion, sewing

Member Since: 05/10/2011

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Re: Video: Couture Techniques for Building a Waistband

Thanks Susan, great video! I've never used grosgrain ribbon before, so it would be good to try it. There is always a problem with interfacing and seam bulk when trying to do buttonholes, so this might be the perfect solution. I am interested in how you would finish the ends of the waistband and whether that is any different to what I normally do. Are there any articles or videos that show that?

Re: Video: How to Sew an Embellished Pencil Skirt

This is a great idea. Sarah wasn't clear about when she sewed her darts. Thanks 'deerskin' for your thoughts on that. In the video, it looked like Sarah sewed darts before the trim was applied. The fabric would be curved over that area, so care would need to be taken to ensure that trim placement was even.

Re: Re-create Couture Pleated Silk Organza Panels

Hello Susan and Cheryl. Lovely result and well worth the time and effort. I concur with HarmonyQ. Clover produce a set of plastic rods in varying widths for pressing accurate tubes - just perfect for this application.
The other tool I would try using is a fine tipped marker from Pilot Pens. It's called an 'Erasable Pen' and you get it from stationers, supermarkets etc. here in Australia. I'm sure you can get them in the USA. It comes in a range of colours and produces a fine line. It's beauty lies in the fact that heat from the iron erases it completely. The packaging states that it will only reappear in temperatures of minus 20 degrees Centigrade. So unless you are wearing the dress in the Antarctic (or the Arctic, in your case) you are pretty safe.

Re: Create Gentle Inner Support with Horsehair

Thankyou! I've just realised that I didn't sign in when I posted my comments - I am user 1131611.
Thankyou Susan - I will look out for the braid. And thankyou Norma - I have just downloaded the free reading app to my computer and bought your book! Easier than I thought!

Re: How to Make a Floating Shoulder Pad

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps one last instruction is needed. I assume that after the extension is sewn into the neckline, the excess at the neckline is trimmed away before understitching. Am I right?

Re: A Nice Little Suit

What a wonderful find! There can't be too many of these treasures left languishing in consignment shops now. I too would love to see some more Threads articles on 'how to' techniques for these garments. I particularly like the little button tab under the sleeve vent.