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Re: Drawstring Placement

Puterdame is right on. So many of these teasers on Threads are poorly written and illustrated. I rarely look at them for that reason. Doesn't threads have editors who sew. I started sewing when I was 3 so that means I have been sewing for 70+ years.

Re: Scandal Sandals & Lady Slippers

OMG, I totally forgot about the Delman brand. I remember having a pair in the 50's. They were turquoise spring-a-lators. Figure that one out all you younguns.

Re: Starter Machines and Beginning Sewers

My tiny machine is an Elan Lotus, purchased on ebay. Actually I have two, the Sp and TSP. It is a very efficient little machine for its size. Unlike the Singer Featherweight, which I also have, the Lotus can zig zag and make buttonholes. I can carry this machine in a carry on suitcase and still have room for my clothes. I don't know if the airlines allow sewing machines as carry-on but I have packed for classes I am driving too.