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Joanne Goranson, Eden Prairie, MN, US

I am a contemporary quilter who likes to dye and paint my own fabric, which I also sell. I also make one-of-a-kind purses for clients. I go to clients homes and teach quilting and sewing. I have been sewing since I was 7 years old and have sewn my own clothes for years. I also knit and crochet, mostly purses, since I hate to be away from my sewing machines for too long. I am called The Thread Lady because I use so much thread to embellish my quilts and other sewing projects. I do thread painting without the aid of an embroidery machine. I also use an embellisher to do unusual works of art. I am a fiber artist. I do mixed media also and love anything to do with fabric, textiles, thread and embellishments. I re-do old clothes and re-use thrift store finds to make my art. In other words, I am a jack-of-all-trades. I just retired at age 61 and intend to spend the rest of my life doing exactly what I want, which includes some teaching, and lots of crazy projects which I have never had the time to do before. I love to teach people to dye and paint fabric and yarn. I have my own dye lab in my basment and hold soy wax batik parties for adults and children. I am having more fun now that I am thinking "outside the box". My idols in the textile world are the women who have been lucky enough to attend the Textile College in London, England. They have taught me to use anything I want in my fiber art. It is so fulfilling to finally find myself at my rather advanced age, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is wonderful.

craft interests: crochet, fashion, knitting, paper-crafts, quilting, restyle, sewing, mixed media fiber art

Member Since: 11/09/2009

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Re: How to Make Painted Lace

Since I dye and paint all kinds of fabric all the time I was happy to see the advice to practice on a less costly piece of lace of the same fabric type first. I learned my dyeing and painting practices from an expert and that was one of her first tips---always practice on something inexpensive before you do the real stuff. It has saved me many, many heartaches over the years.

Re: Boxy Cosmetic Bag

Great looking and very stylish cosmetic bag. I'd probably find another use for it since I don't wear cosmetics, but I love the design! Great job!

Re: Elna Sewing Machine Recalled

Well, Janome fired the representative I was working with and were very unsympathetic about my plight. They told me I had to go through the dealer to get anything done. As usual, he was extremely sarcastic and unhelpful when I tried to get my money back. However, he did have to send the machine in on the recall. I brought it in to him in August of 2011, expecting a long process because I knew he would make it so! I had my right shoulder replaced on September 29th and was unable to do any sewing for 6 weeks. (That just about drove me crazy!) What with going to physical therapy and not being able to drive because my arm was in a sling I was unable to go to the dealer. When I called, all I got was the stall that the machine was still at Janome. Finally in Deceember I called and they said the machine was back. Wonder of wonders the machine now works beautifully. No more extra stitches when I stop sewing and no more bumps on the back of the quilt! However, I am still stuck with two very expensive machines! I have not used the Elna, except to check it out, so it is a brand new machine, but I know I will have to sell it as a used machine and will not get back what I paid for it. However, I am so glad I saw the notice of the recall on this site. I brought a copy of it with me when I went to the dealer and he was forced to admit there was a recall and he had to send it into Janome because I had already talked to them about it. At least now when I sell the machine I know I am selling one that works like it should and will not catch on fire! Thanks again for the heads up on the recall!

Re: Playing with Pegboard

Wow! So many ideas. I didn't think I had room in my sewing room for pegboard becaus three walls are bookcases, which hold my fabrics and thread boxes, magazines, etc. The fourth wall is my design wall and it is 8 feet wide, which brings it just to the corner of the closet. However, I was looking at the room now after reading this article and realzed that I could put pegboard on the back of the closet door! Right now I have hanging baskets there that hold my interfacing rolls and such, but it is very inefficient to dig through the big baskets. I know my husband has extra peg board in the garage and I am going now to look for it!

Re: What Makes a Sewing Space Great?

Sorry I didn't finish my post. I was interrupted by a phone call and thought I had finished. What I meant to end with was the fact that the illness and surgery made me very lazy about putting things away and I was just throwing stuff into my sewing room figuring I could organize it when I got better. Bad Idea!!!!! I am now having to sift through every paper and book and item one by one and find a home for them. I usually do this right away and I should have at least put it into the room in some orderly fashion. Right now I can hardly get to my sewing machine because I am walking over piles of stuff that needs to be put away. This doesn't mean these are new purchases---they are just stuff I have that I used and didn't put away! What a mess!

Re: What Makes a Sewing Space Great?

I am very lucky that I have a dedicated sewing room in addition to a craft room and a basement that I use as my dyeing and painting space. However, like everyone else it is hard to keep everything organized! I'd like to see articals on inexpensive but imaginative storage for my many fabrics, threads (I have 16 boxes of thread---that's my specialty and why I am The Thread Lady), and especially notions. I have a labeling machine that gets constant use and all my tubs and boxes have labels---the problem is remembering where the box is! Or, I labeled the box but didn't do a thorough enough job and I have to search for something in all kinds of labeled tubs. (I still can't find my silk pins and have decided to give up looking and just buy some more!)I can't even find my latest copy of Threads Magazine! Part of my problem is that I was ill and had surgery which

Re: Elna Sewing Machine Recalled

No wonder the stupid machine would never work right! I tried to get a refund from the dealer, but he wouldn't give me one (I have since learned he comes from a family of con artists who keep changing the name of their dealerships to fool people). The Janome Representative (Elna is now owned by Janome) has promised to get me a brand new machine. However, he said the demand for the machine was so high that the factory couldn't keep up with the orders so it would take at least a month for me to get the machine. Well, it's been over a month and still no machine! Apparently he was feeding me a line of bull too! I am so angry about this! I have to have a machine that I can depend on because I sew for a living---I am a contemporary quilter and surface designer and also teach classes in threadwork. Because of that I went out and bought the Janome Horizon (it is the same type of machine as the 740, but it works like a dream). However, that means I put out the money for two machines instead of one! The Janome rep is going to get a call from me immediately! I am going to demand they give me my money back based on your article. My machine didn't have a fire, but it hesitates whenever I start free-motion quilting. That means I can't count on what my design is going to look like because it leaves thread bumps on the back of the quilt! Quilt show judges don't like that!

Re: Installing the Front Band to the Fantasy Fur Jacket

I just took a design class at the Surface Design Association (SDA) Conference in Mpls/St Paul this June and on the first day the instructor had us bring pictures of clothes from a designer that we admire. You were my pick! Your creativity, imagination and the way you allow yourself to "think outside the box" are an inspiration to me! It doesn't mean I want to copy your style---I want to develop my own style, but that was the whole point of that exercise and the focus of the class. Your articles have helped me understand the importance of careful planning and execution of the design. No more skipping important steps in the sewing process! I used to think it was OK to skip the little stuff that took so long to do, but I now realize that those small things are what make a great professional looking garment. Thanks for all the articles you have written!

Re: Shibori Design on Silk

love learning how other dyers use different technques! This is one I will try in my dye lab. Thanks for the info.