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Re: Needle Me: Pick the right needle and thread

The groove in the needle is also used to insert the tip of the thread into the groove and gradually slide it down to the eye of the needle for easy insertion through the eye of the needle. Two index fingers may be required to hold the thread in place as you slide it into place. A quilter taught me this technique. I am Transylvania as I can't tell you how many sewing machines I have worn out, and honestly some of my projects have been quiet frighting. I suggest you always pick out your pattern first before picking out your fabric, or you too will learn the hard way as I did by buying multi-colored, small-plaid fabric followed by buying a Vogue Couture pattern with umpteen vertical seams--it was a true engineering feat--but the mission was successfully accomplished after many hours of thought and preparation.
I have never done that to myself since, but don't we all learn the hard way?