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Hull, GA, US

Began sewing and knitting in my teens. Started quilting about 10 years ago. My husband, three children, close family and friends all benefitted from my love of these hobbies. My grandmother was a tailor. My mother was a seamstress who specialized in alterations. I've yet to perfect an understanding for altering a garment. Threads Magazine has given me some insight into my mother's genius.

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, gifts, knitting, quilting, sewing, childrens' clothes and costumes

Member Since: 12/22/2009

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Re: What amazing technique or inspiration have you gleaned from Threads?

Sewing is in my DNA. My grandmother was a tailor. My mother was an apparel designer and made perfect alterations. I've been sewing one way or another for as long as I can remember. But the tutorial videos on are a refresher course in all the things I know or thought I knew. It's amazing what you can learn at one stage of your life and then forget an important step or technique only to be reminded by watching a very easy to understand video. Thanks to all who have put in the time and thoughtfulness into making these videos for both the beginners and experienced.

Re: Video: How a Stitch is Made

I've been sewing "forever" and always thought what happens between the top thread and the bobbin thread is MAGIC and not to be understood by lowly beings. About 20 years ago, I saw a demo on TLC's "How Stuff Works" that almost made me understand. Not until Threads' video did I really "get" how the shuttle hook picks up and releases the top thread as the bobbin thread is pulled through the loop. Thanks for the side view that made it so clear! You CAN teach an "old dog" new tricks!

Re: Perfect Pleated Edging

Kenneth, you are so good at thinking outside the box! And I loved the comments from your fan club too. I'm so inspired, I want to go pleat something! Maybe I can use this method for my granddaughter's Valentine dress. Since I don't have a perfect pleater, I'm going to try the freezer paper method. Thanks you for the ideas!