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Re: Use Couched Elastic to Create a Ruched Effect

RE: Green jacket with "push up sleeves" look.

I opened the sleeve of the jacket and there was 1/4" inch elastic. Its about six inches stretched, and relaxes at 4". There is a separate 6" piece in the sleeve above the cuff.

I think the cuff and 6" piece are sewn first then elastic is placed vertically and sewn on the piece just above the wrist. Elastic is sewn along the seam and all four pieces are evenly distributed around the sleeve.

Its a separate piece of material about 6" plus seams, then gathered to 4". The lining covers all and is attached to the 1" cuff's seam. The elastic is just stitch locked on the ends. The thread is same color as the green jacket.

This would work on a blouse also. Virginia

Re: Use Couched Elastic to Create a Ruched Effect

Dear Alaska Jean,

I have no idea what anchors the elastic in the green jacket or what size elastic is inside. First chance I get I will take it apart and find out. I will let you know.

This week my Janome Excel lost its reverse again, and then the automatic buttonhole maker started pouting, and dawdling. I have an older Kenmore backup until I get it fixed.

I'm turning my 1980s white slacks into cropped pants (35") with three cute buttons & buttonholes on the bottom outside seam of each leg. I saw this on some designer jeans. Virginia

Re: Use Couched Elastic to Create a Ruched Effect

I found a cute green jacket at a thrift store. Its long sleeve was gathered by elastic one inch above the wrist. Its gather stretched about 6". It made the jacket sleeve 3/4 in length and so cute.

No collar or buttons and a wide opening to expose the dress beneath. Two inches of same fabric around neck and front. Round neck with no collar or buttons.

Could I use 1/4 inch elastic to copy this? If so how long?


Re: Prevent Bias-Fold Neckline Edges from Stretching

I am sewing a wrap dress and really appreciate you instructions, you are a jewel!

I would like to finish the facing with seamsgreat but I've never used it before. I don't like the fold when I press things, and I want a clear, soft finish. Can you help?

Re: 2pc vintage style romper play suit

Classic designs never go out of style. Beautiful!

Re: SewStylish Summer 2012 is here!

I'm sewing simple a-line sleeveless summer dresses. I prefer a cool cotton, or linen with a cute dress's jacket from Simplicity 5957. I set the cotton colors in vinegar water, and baby the fabric by hand washing. I will make underarm pads so they last longer.

I do have a question. I am taking the fullness out of a skirt in a dress pattern, with elastic in the waist. However the waist on the pattern curves up in the front a little. Should I lower or raise the waistline when it is curved and I am removing some of the fullness?

Its an easy pullover dress pattern with v- neckline and pockets (Mc/Calls 2572) from 1983, but the skirt is too full. Should I take out the fullness from the center of the pattern, the side or front? The skirt and bodice have a seam down the front. The grain is on a slight diagonal for the skirt. Virginia

Re: Vintage Jackets Abound

I love the 40s suits and skirts. I found a red skirt one day in the thrift store that was circular with lots of detail and the zipper sewn in the side pocket. I admire quality.
But I cannot find a pattern for the simple office girls' hats that were worn on a slant and most had no more than a 3" brim, without much crown on top.
We see them in the older movies and they looked so professional. I would like to try sewing one but I cannot find a pattern. Any suggestions? Virginia

Re: Simplicity Pattern Collection from Threads

You will find bolero patterns on ebay and the scallops pattern may be found separately. Just type in "pattern, scallops", or bolero.

I have graded some bolero 40s patterns to size. Just look up grading in your older magazines.

Re: How to Make a Hat Base

Your hats are beautiful but what happened to the practical working girls hats of the 40s? You could tilt them to one side and they complimented the lady's face. The looked great with suits or dresses and were so practical. Maybe a small feather but no lace. I guess it was a more tailored look. It had a short crown and about a 3 or 4" brim.

It was worn to work each day, and would look great with slacks. I enjoy watching the Turner Classic movies and the ladies who wore their hat so well.

I've tried to find one but I'm still searching, is their a pattern? Maybe I could make one.

Re: Is sewing taught in your local school system?

My first sewing project in 7th grade was a turqoise apron,at Western Jr. High, in Cypress, California. I loved sewing after that.
Later, I sewed out of pleasure and necessity as well for I loved sewing for my five children.

In 1990 San Bernardino Valley College, in Calif., was offering sewing and pattern making but I think those classes have been dropped.

Re: The Kermit-Green Jacket

I enjoyed your article and I will add these tips to my notebook.
I enjoyed altering a black Persian lamb jacket, from Ebay, recently. The sleeves were too tight so I removed the fur from underneath the collar, and used velveteen instead, and had 2" gussets made, from the fur underneath the arms of the coat. ( I couldn't sew leather with my machine.) It fits well and it came with extra dressy buttons and handstiched lining.

I have a 1940s magazine article of four different ways women added velveteen to wool suits during WWII to prolong their wear. It was used on lapels, collars, sleeves, and waist to extend length, that was hidden by the jacket.

I altered one summer suit I bought at a department store, the skirt was too short and the jacket covered the lining material I used to lengthen it.

Re: Keep These Seam Finishes in Your Bag of Tricks

I'm finishing a cotton, navy, v-neck dress with buttons down the front.
I used a lighter blue hong kong finish on the lapel facing's edge just for me to admire. Its a medium weight cotton so I will finish the seams with pinking shears, they raveled slightly. Then pressing will be easier.

PINKING SHEARS DO HAVE A PROPER PLACE IN SEWING, we decide how much effort to put into a project. I made my dress special with the welt looking pockets and hongkong finish, but its just an older Ebay pattern. I think its a sharp looking, tailored summer dress, so it suits me fine.

Our choices of color, style and fabric makes our design unique. Its our own creation, we are the artist at work!

I enjoyed the challenge of reducing the 1980s "football" shoulders after reading one of your articles. "Fitting/Alteration is the title but I failed to copy the month and year, it just says page 20.

I'll put your good information to work, and thanks.

Re: A Clever Finish Makes a Single Layer Reversible

I will print these pictures out for my note book and future reference.

What a clever idea. A child's or toy's jacket would be fun also.

Thank you.

Re: How to Cover Snaps

I found those ruffles which are actually called flounces in the Sept. 2007 #127 magazine. Page 64. I'll practice covering those snaps on the wrap blouse.

Re: How to Cover Snaps

I appreciate you solving this problem for us. has an attractive classic by Armani. Its beige with a jacket over it, perhaps done in silk. I think he used snapsfor the wrap blouse.

How did he make the ruffles on the edge of the blouse? Are they cut out as round ruffles on the edge, or is it all in one piece? Where can I find the information for ruffles in Threads? I've looked in the archives and couldn't find them.

Re: How have you organized your stash?

A husband's clear plastic "fishing hook" box (HOME DEPOT OR LOWES) is excellent for threads. I have three: Blue/greens, salmon/corals, and brown/tans/gold boxes since I wear fall colors.

I bought an OLD 1930s art deco ARMOIRE for my four pattern boxes. (My dear son, Dean, inserted shelves which stand on their own.) Fabric is by subject: Skirt, slacks, jackets, dresses, etc. (I keep scraps in a bag,from my projects, in the event that something becomes torn and need mending.)Interfacing has its own box with labels.

My plastic roller chest has buttons, zippers, and bias tapes. A clear bowl in the window holds small tools often used. I feel like an artist when sewing, I do small sections, one or two hours at a time. I love the THREADS magazines and videos! Thank you so much!

Re: Cut-on Gusset

Your gusset's perfect fit reminded me of the June/July 1989 article by Sandra Betzina.
A new Fit from the Old World, page 59. She says that European jackets fit better because "the shoulder is about 1/4 " higher and wider in the bodice front and back and in the sleeve cap with the armholes 1/2 inch higher, and side seams are curved in so the jacket doesn't ride up when you raise your arms." A red Chanel jacket is featured on the front cover.

I'm trying to reduce a 1987 camp-shirt pattern, by J.G. Hook, and I don't know how. The shoulders are 22" across and I like the roominess of the sleeves but they hang off the shoulder and its way too big. Is there a Threads magazine that instructs us how to reduce these "Football shirts"? My husband and I are planning a trip soon and I would like to add to my summer wardrobe.