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I adore costume design. Trisha Biggar and Ngila Dickson are superhero(ine)s to me. I'm attending school for fashion design right now. They didn't have a specialized course for costume design, but every little bit learned helps. I aspire to one day have my own small shop that caters to the customers desire. Be it either the wedding gown of their dreams or Princess Leia's gold bikini, I want to be the one they come to. ;) I'm very much born in the wrong era; problem is, I don't know what era I was SUPPOSED to be born in! The Edwardian period is my absolute favorite for clothing (good thing too, since I mainly work on Steam Punk stuff for school), but I also loved the styles of the 1940's, 1950's, The Tudor period, and I'm an attendee to many a medieval faire (yes, in costume). I love the Star Wars movies (yes, all of them. Although like most, I can do without Jar Jar Binks)and the Lord of the Rings movies, Indiana Jones, and the hubby has me into his Trek stuff. So, yup, I'm a bona-fide, card carrying geek and proud of it! ;) Take care, all!

craft interests: fashion, knitting, restyle, sewing

Gender: Female

Member Since: 12/14/2010

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Re: Making Sense of Pattern Grading

I just would like to get one of those FiDM Pattern Grading Scale rulers in the second photo.

Re: Making Sense of Pattern Grading

Wouldn't mind getting a hold of one of those FiDM Pattern Making Scales she has.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Couture Sewing Techniques" by Claire B. Shaeffer

I've generally been a fan of hand-sewing for years, intentionally or not! :) Basically, whenever I start out sewing something on a machine, it always seems to lack a certain 'something' unless I finish it by hand.
I would like to one day have a custom clothing store, a store that would be able to tailor a garment directly to the customers needs and desires. The section on 'Jackets' seems to be a dream come true: I've found it difficult to locate a book that can walk me through tailoring the perfect jacket (and I'm in school for fashion design! You'd think I'd find something THERE, but no dice). And, of course, the chapter on shaping the garment is right up my alley. To be able to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that will make a customer leave with a smile...those are my reasons as to why I'd love this book.