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Re: Needle Me: Pick the right needle and thread


My second sewing machine job in my life..I bought a sort of inexpensive Singer Inspiration for this job and then gave it away to the Purple Heart folks... Do I really need to buy another machine to make it right?

Re: Needle Me: Pick the right needle and thread


Thank you for the reply.

You suggested to talk to the store staff. LOL.. The women mostly think I am a nut walking in off the street. At my old age I would guess I should shave for the visit? They were different when I walked in with my little China girls. Alone, a different story!

I am OK with that. I always told my three daughters not to talk with strange men!

I got some VERY expensive cloth from Japan (not silk but very smooth, sort of like silk) Dumb me... I threw away the tag that said what material was.

I made my two China little girls a Chinese style poster bed for each. (I am a woodworker) The fabric with lots of dragons, they picked out at the store where I got the fabric. They are only five years old but who am I to argue with a woman...

I used some purple sort of matching color thread and the serger thread (sort of the same color) for the bobbin. I was wondering if I need to stitch again with something else? This cloth is the top of the canopy and will need occasional washing?

I see no way to post a picture of the fabric. Not sure if I still have the picture.

Re: Needle Me: Pick the right needle and thread

I am far from any type of needle mechanic. in fact even sewing. I did have a question though. Yes, even this old man watches Nancy on my local TV station. I 'think' she uses a lightweight thread for the bobbin at least sometimes.

I am on a fixed income and thread costs about it's weight in gold these days. Silk thread? You have to be kidding?

Anyway, you mentioned thread weight to needle opening. How do you size a needel to the thread AND the bobbin thread.

My projects are not forever.. Just in the home. I try to use that miles of thread for a reasonable price in my bobbin. I hate it when the thread runs out in th middle of a job and I never noticed it happening. I try to use 'SureLock' spun Polyester for overlock machines in my bobbin. The other thread may be a bit different. I have no idea what a overlock machine is.