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Roy, Utah

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, gifts, holidays, knitting, restyle, sewing, designing

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Re: Embellishments Special Issue: Check out our latest issue and enter to win!

I'm looking forward to the articles on free-motion machine embroidery and machine beading. I've been doing both for a lot of years, but want to see if there's something new and interesting. I certainly hope there are noted sources along with all the articles. Many of the products used are not available in my area and I must mail-order them to begin and complete projects.

Re: Re-create Couture Pleated Silk Organza Panels

Hi Susan,
Interesting challenge and so many possibilities for it's use. I've always loved pleats of any kind. I've used this technique on a couple custom christening gowns I've made with bridal satin instead of organza. It's more difficult to press the satin because you can't see when the pleat is centered over the seam to press it, but it's do-able. Also, the pleats were half the size because the dresses were smaller. The inspiration dress reminds me of one I had and wore in the early 60's.

Thanks for sharing, Ymana Johnson

Re: Re-Create Pleated Edging

Kenneth, Thank you so much for figuring this edging out for us. I've decided to use it on a summer hat. I make hats for cancer victims. Each hat is different and original. I have some basic patterns which I change so that none are alike. I donate them to the local cancer unit. The word has spread and I now have orders from all of the US and one waiting in England. This edge will make a lovely, interesting addition to the brim of a hat or as the bottom edge on a cloche. I can also visualize it as a hat band. I've got several ideas. Thanks again, Ymana Johnson

Re: More Fortuny! Yes, More!

Question: Where can I find a schedule of where and when you are teaching? I would love to attend one (or more if possible) of your classes.

Comment: I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments about how and what to charge for your sewing expertise and services. I learned a long time ago that people who want cheap don't care about quality. Those people who really care about quality are willing to pay for it.

Also, thank you for the additional info on the Fortuny fabric. I wish I could feel it.

Re: More Fortuny! Yes, More!

This is so fascinating. I never would have rationalized that it would be OK to cut off-grain. I have not worked with Fortuny fabric and your comment about the pin holes in the paint is something I never would have thought to consider. But your explanations have been very clear and helpful.

Also, I doubt that I would have chosen another twill with which to interline this jacket. I would have thought it would increase the bulk too much.

It was interesting that you described your customer as "asymmetrical." Over the years, sewing for others, I've not found too many people who were symmetrical. I guess I never thought about it...just made the adjustments to fit and carried on.

Thank you again for the excellent lesson. Ymana Johnson

Re: Book Giveaway: Summer Mystery Reading for the Sewing Enthusiast

Can't live without reading or sewing. Hope I win.

Re: How to Make Hairpin Lace

Hi Kenneth,
Such creativity! ! ! All these years I've crocheted (including hairpin lace) and never once thought of using more than crochet thread or yarn. much fun and potential. One question...where can I purchase large yardages of wider ribbons? Local fabric stores have phased out by-the-yard ribbons and only sell in 3 yd I must buy the spool and then I only get 3 yards. I guess I can buy tons of spools. But, the price per yard is ridiculous and the cut edges don't always fall in a place I want them to be, thus creating waste.

Thanks again for your advice and willingness to share your inspirations.

Sincerely, Ymana Johnson

Re: How to Make a Lovely Pleated-Ribbon Trim

I've used so many of the trim ideas you've shared with us. This idea will also be used in the near future on a project I've been contemplating. These trim ideas are innovative, creative and beautiful. Thank you so much and I'll be watching for more.
Ymana Johnson

Re: A Beautiful Embroidered Beaded Bodice

I'm sorry that I'm joining this dicussion late, neverthless, the piece is breathtaking and the work astonishing. At first glance I guessed it to be Arabic in origin because of the mosaic-type design, the detailed beadwork and the typical middle-eastern color scheme. But I can also see the Eastern-Indian influence. I immediately recognized the fine tambour embroidery work before reading your commentary and, of course, I was thrilled and fascinated.

I've got a question: It appears that some of the heavily beaded areas might have additional silk organza on the back to help stablilize. Is that the case or not?

Thank you for sharing this exceptional piece. I've loved drooling over all the others you've share as well.

Ymana Johnson

Re: An Exquisite Beaded Embroidery Sleeve

So beautifully finished and exquisitely executed. Time, skill, creativity...all exceptional. I love fussy stuff like this which is tastfully done. Sometimes it can be overdone and become gaudy. Thanks for the peaks at the back of the work.

Re: Drawing Designs on Fabric

I loved this article in the Threads magazine and here as well. I have loads of stamps and stencils which I intend to use as I try out the pens and paints to enhance the designs. My fiber arts group is going to be crazy about the ideas.

Re: Three Ways to Attach Boning

Great article! I love using boning, but have a difficult time finding it locally. Steel boning has not been on fabric store shelves in our area since the mid 60's and plastic boning is quite rare. I recently ran across some horsehair braid in the clearance bin which I scooped up for my "rare notions" stash. I would do the same thing if I ever found boning in the clearance bin. Many sewers today don't know what boning and horsehair braid are or how to use them. Sources would be appreciated.

Re: How to Make Ribbon Trim

OOPS, Got mixed up about what to do or write! Anyway, this trim is already planned for the next Christening dress, scarf or embellishment I will be doing soon to present to my Fiber Arts Guild next week. Thanks so much for the fun, interesting and pretty trim.

Re: How to Make Ribbon Trim

Re: Sew Vintage with The 1912 Project

Stephani, How do I contact the Vintage Pattern Lending Library?

Re: Project Runway 9: "Off the Track"

I'm in agreement with many of you...I watch this show to see the fashions and not the poor attitudes, back-biting and outright meanness. So far this season, I haven't seen much fashion, imagination or creativity.

Re: Project Runway 9: "Off the Track"

Re: MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY: SewStylish Fall Fashion

For Fall, I would like to see classics with a quirky twist. Something unexpected and innovative applied to a basic provides drama and interest.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: "Underwear Fashion in Detail"

I was born in the early 50's. I grew up with my mother well corseted and girdled every day of her life. When she went out, the corseting, girdling and gartering increased. As a teen, girdles and garters were standard with brassieres being very structured and in some cases even stiff. Then the 60's hit. All that structure and stiffness for the female body was sent packing....literally. No girdles, no garters and few or no bras. Then, along came Victoria's Secret. Bras and garters became sexy. There has been a big comeback and recently "Spanx" have appeared...just a softer version of the old girdle. Well, I'm guessing that things will come full circle and in the near future, we will probably see the newest thing for a woman's body/shape being corsets and boning. I guess the old saying is still true..."History repeats itself."

Re: Finally! Project Runway is Ready to Roll

I'm looking forward to PR's ninth season. I watch the program for the creativity and the results. I don't need the gimmicks to be an avid PR supporter. Once I share the program with someone else, they become watchers along with myself.

Re: 'Project Accessory' Begins Casting Soon

I'm very interested and excited for up-coming "Project Accessory" as well as "Project Runway's" new season. I've been watching re-runs of "Project Runway" the past several months on the "Style Network" from past seasons which I had missed. I never get tired of it. I love to sit and sketch my designs for the challenges as I watch the show. I've come up with some wonderful designs and I've been surprised at my creativity. I've been sewing accessories for many years for myself and my daughters so I'll be designing and sketching right along with the "Project Accessory" show.

During the re-runs, I finally saw Austin Scarlet and Santino Rice during their competitions on different previous seasons...along with all the other great designers. I've enjoyed their off-shoot show "Austin & Santino" on the "Lifetime Network" as they design for deserving, giving and incredible American women around the country.

So, needless to say, I love anything to do with fashion and whatever accompanies and supports fashion.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Embroidery Companion: Classic Designs for Modern Living" by Alicia Paulson

Any kind of embroidery is great. Some of my favorites are shadow embroidery, hardanger and crewel. I like the variety of stitches in crewel. Shadow embroidery is subtle and gives understated beauty wherever it's applied. Hardanger has many stitches and the cut threads can make some interesting designs. The modern embroidery machines are very nice, but hand embroidery is so much more special because it's a labor of love. Surface embellishments of any kind are wonderful and get everyone's complete attention. Embroidery makes any wearable unique. It changes the mundane, practical items into eye candy. It gives art dimension and interest like nothing else can. Embroidery is useful, beautiful and shows extra loving and creative care and effort.

Re: Project Runway Season 8, Episode 2 Recap

Interesting reading other people's comments. I loved Mondo's skirt, top and accessories. I think it really reflected the challenge guidelines. Valerie's red outfit was good, but it was hard for me to see the detail and it looked stiff to me. In my opinion, Gretchen's jumpsuit was blah. I was so surprised when it won because I thought either Mondo's or Valerie's were better choices. Even the billboard at the end didn't change my mind...either of the other two outfits (Mondo's & Val's) would have jumped from the billboard because of color, styling and flair...not just because of the model and/or the photographer. The guy from Hawaii (don't remember his name) has put out two lovely outfits and I'm surprised that he hasn't been in the top. His construction appears to be impeccable. I'd love to be in the workroom and see the construction processes. Hope Peach stays, glad Jason went home and I'm anticapating next week's program. Party favors to construct with...interesting.

Re: How to Create a Lapped and Embellished Seam

Lovely detail and a technique that's so useable.

I'm wondering how to keep the bias strips of organza shaped into the desired formation without sewing them to a foundation piece as you go? Organza is stiff and slippery. Even cut on the bias, it likes to retain a straight line rather than a curve. So, again, what makes it capable of remaining in the curved shape which is shown on the model's bodice? I can imagine so many great applications for this technique.

Awaiting a reply. Ymana

Re: Meeting the Union Special Chainstitching Machine

I love old machines...currently I have 3 sergers, 15 sewing machines (newest is a 1993 PFAFF), 1 Omni-stitch (specialty stitching), and 1 industrial US Blindstitch (with horizonal needle and most recently purchased). I've been searching for a hemstitching machine, but they are rare and quite pricey. I used to do a lot of sewing, but because of nerve problems, I had to quit. Now, since surgery on both hands and arms, I'm hoping to get back to it. I love the creative process and the older machines help me to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks for this article. I really enjoyed reading it.

Re: Video: Embellishing with Paint Sticks

Very interesting and informative. I've been wanting to know more about oil based paint stiks and this was just perfect for basic information. I especially appreciated learning about all of the products used and where to find some of the child's rubbing plates. Thanks

Re: Threads Announces New Editor

Deana, Hello and welcome. I've read your articles which appeared in Threads and have enjoyed them. I must echo the comments of several previous posters...I enjoy, appreciate and devour the in-depth, advanced sewing techniques and ideas that have been the trade mark of Threads magazine. I get so excited about a fabulous old technique which I can use in a new garment or in some other home dec. I get tons of inspiration from these many and various ideas. I've been sewing for more than 50 years. I've taught classes, done demos, helped with 4-H, and sewn clothing and home dec professionally. I love seeing new ideas...and old, never-out-of-style exquisite techniques. I can still learn and I love to see old & new fashions, clothing, home dec and textiles. I'm always interested in new products on the market and how they can be used. Most of the time, I come up with ideas of my own on how to use the new products. But to get started, sometimes I need a push by seeing how someone else has been able to apply the new products.

I guess I've basically said the same things as others. I'll quit for now. Congratulations on your new calling. Ymana Johnson